The Ex-Boyfriend List

Welcome to the Men Suck The Ex-Boyfriend List, or as some like it call it, the bad boyfriend page.

The Ex-Boyfriend List

The list is not about revenge or an attempt to slander the few good guys still out there. The Ex-Boyfriend List was created as a reference for girls to report and lookup vital information about a guy they may be interested in. Is he a wife beater? Is he a cheater? Well here’s your chance to find out!!


Keep everything general – don’t post any specific information about where they live. You may only post what is considered public information, but do not post anyone’s address or the name of where they work. Any person putting up false information, or personal contact information about a person is subject to having their accounts closed and your own personal information provided to the public. So do remember that before you post. ^^

You are welcome to post about any bad boyfriend that you want, just please don’t give out personal information like their home phone # or their address, that’s all I ask.



  1. BlueandDepressed

    James Baskin
    DFW Texas
    Age 55
    Cons: Emotionally distant, unsupportive and unavailable; Deeply money oriented (everything is about money), narcissistic behaviour, intense gaslighting, sexually inept, too adventurous sexually, borderline physically abusive, verbally and emotionally abusive, always has to be right, and have the last word.
    The story: I started dating it a year after it was dump by its ex who then got married after she dumped it. It WOULDN’T stop stalking it’s ex… Stalking her FB saying she wasn’t married… I wanted to give it some closure, and I found the marriage records, and that her FB was updated with her new marital status. He says it’s been hacked and that’s not hers and that she didn’t get married… So I left the subject alone. It was always emotionally distant, and didn’t want to be near me unless it wanted me to “help it out”. It can be a charmer and acts almost Human, don’t be surprised if suddenly it “loves” you after only 3 days. That should have been my warning… But alas, I failed to heed it. I was with it for over 2.5 yrs… It promised to marry me, and after I dug up the fact that it’s still married to its “ex-wife” it did it’s gaslighting bit and said it never said it wanted to marry me. That should have been my second warning. I was devastated, but I stayed… We had fought quite loudly average it, and it had told me to leave and never come back, so i took all my belongings… And I lived in my car for 3 days in the middle of winter, before it begged me back, saying it didn’t mean for me to leave… Anyways, to make a long story short…ER… Lol… It’s only worried about how much money it makes… he will pay for everything, but he’ll only keep you so that you’re available for its “need”, your needs as a human are not regarded.

  2. Facebook Profile photo

    Frank James Ramirez Jr of Dallas Texas, 42yo Hispanic/white…What do you get when you take the over inflated ego of a philosophy professor, the condescension of a prick who thinks he’s ALWAYS right, roll that up with the unmatched sense of entitlement one has when one suffers from “affluenza”, throw in just a smidgen of a Napoleon complex, and then make him a raging I.V. heroin addict? You get THIS guy, Frank, aka Dino, aka Sarge. This guy likes to treat girls who leave the safety, comfort, food, and warmth of their HOMES to sleep under a BRIDGE with him, like shit. If they get a “smart mouth” with him, he likes to pop them one, and yell at all the other homeless people that he has no compunction about hitting a bitch in the mouth and if they have a problem, take it up with him. He gets chicks strung out on heroin, and if they piss him off, he withholds drugs so they get sick as punishment. He doesn’t mind handling random people’s urine in order to pass his drug test at probation(which he is on for stabbing his ex in they thigh on the train), and he supports his heroin habit by stealing HUNDREDS of dollars worth off merchandise DAILY from stores all over Dallas. He also enjoys telling girls that he loves them, making a BIG deal out of how he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it, making her feel like shit every time she questioned his authenticity on the subject, and telling them that they both need to go to detox so they can get straight and get to be together forever, and he can be a better provider for her. After detox(which SHE had to do COLD TURKEY, without ANY meds to ease HER discomfort) his mommy said he could move back in, so he did, never speaking to the poor, dumb, girlfriend again. The last thing he said to her was the night they were going in to detox, he smothered her face in kisses, told her he loved her, held her so, so tight, and told her he was proud of her. What a piece of shit.

  3. birdybee

    Jon Davis aka blucifernyc aka blueyedbanditt aka blueyedboy from New Hyde Park, NY (long Island). He sleeps with all women but he is a white male who prefers black women. Sex addict, pathological liar and master manipulator. PLEASE PLEASE protect yourself from his lies and deceit and stds, he will sell you the world and cause emotional turmoil and then walk away. He practices unsafe sex with random women constantly. He frequents dating apps and websites POF and Okc are his favorites. He is married with 2 children and will use them to get close to women as well. He is broke and can offer nothing but pain. He is mentally ill and addicted to sex run away as soon as he approaches.

  4. Facebook Profile photo

    Dave Pettitt from Nottinghamshire, UK – Is a narcissistic abuser. He will make you feel like a million dollars then gradually psychologically and emotionally abuse you – chipping away at everything he made you feel, gradually making you feel worthless. He is 44 years old and has never been single. He is on his 2nd divorce and since I left him 6 months ago, he has dated several women, bringing them back to our marital home, visited “Thai bride” websites, seen prostitutes, and tried to have an affair with a married woman at work – all while trying to get me back!! Watch out for this one ladies – he’s sly and cunning and very mentally damaged – but like all good narcissists comes across as charming and like he’s got it all together! Beware! He HAS NOT changed and he will do the same to you. You only need to see 2 sets of divorce papers saying the same thing to know I’m speaking the truth!

  5. Facebook Profile photo

    Lorne Rogers from Edmonton Alberta Canada is a master manipulator and will bleed you dry of your money.. I took him to court and won. He owes me over $20,000. and hasnt paid a sent. He used my credit card without permission.

  6. Facebook Profile photo

    David Partain, he is in gulf shores al but can be found in jackson ms area. Uses ex girlfriiend crystal marie fox homan to help manipulate and con others. He is a pathological liar and narcissist. He will play you for anything he can and lie about everything. His favorite thing is larger women with big breast. White or black. But he will take advantage of anyone. When he is finished using you, he will not even tell you he’s throwing you away he will just disappear. Cuz he’s too big of a coward to face anyone he’s the biggest weasel I’ve ever met and sorry excuse for a man and the girl that hangs around him Crystal, the dark headed girl that has buck teeth and her gums show, she is overweight loud obnoxious and has tattoo sleeves and she believes that he loves her even though he’s used her and his scams for many years. David partain is Handsome and charming, he will make you believe anything that comes out of his mouth just beware you will regret it if you get into a relationship with this man.

  7. Rdmommy

    Robert D Shettles, best friend is KaLynn Mayo, living in madisonville, tx, both from Mississippi. Beware, they are a lying, 2 faced duo. They were together under my nose for 3 months, as well to add he cheated on me with 2 other girls. I left for what was supposed to be a few days, he was sleeping with her, KaLynn, that night.

  8. podere

    Drew Scofield aka Andrew B Scofield lives in Arbuckle CA. He preys on women in Yolo and Colusa county and maybe further out. Years ago, he reduced my BF to an emotional wreck. It took her a long time to get over how he treated her…and I just found out he did the same to the woman who came after my friend, even though we tried to warn her off. So it’s beyond time to out this assh*le.
    He is a total player who comes off charming and has money to spend because he lives rent-free in his grandmother’s house. He thinks he is a big shot almond farmer. He doesn’t care if his targets are married or single b/c he is looking for pussy, and as much of it as he can get. He will tell you anything you want to hear to get to you and keep you available for sex. No matter what he says, he is damaged goods, incapable of sustaining a real adult relationship and at some point will go back to his player ways. He shows a woman a good time, to show off. Nice dinners, fancy seats at baseball games and meeting up at the casinos is how he charms the ladies. His looks are OK and he is physically fit. What he won’t do is ever be honest with you about who he really is. He is a drug addict, and he has bedded and played more women than you can imagine. Dozens at least. He will lie about using protection with other women, he will lie about who he was with and how often. He believes he can know if a sex partner has an STD or not just by looking.
    If he targets you as a long term prospect, some of the charm wears off. My BF used to call him a belching farting no good SOB. He does favors for his women and drops cash on them to buy them off for putting up with all kinds of rudeness, emotional distance, being late for everything and generally treating others like crap. When he starts to get tired of a girlfriend, the verbal and emotional abuse starts up. You’re supposed to be grateful for his money and his favors and never call him out on his bullsh*t. If you get him mad he will explode with anger and call you every name in the book. He will turn things around so that nothing is his fault and everything is you. Near as I could tell he was not ever a physical abuser, but given what he will do to you emotionally it almost doesn’t matter. He has zero honesty or integrity though he will demand that from others. He pulls off this hypocrisy really easily because he has no feeling for others and even fewer emotions. His life is all about getting what he wants….and that means his entitlement to use women for his own pleasure. Outwardly he has a lot of swagger and self confidence. He is apparently good in bed and proud of it. If you actually fall in love with this guy you are in for every kind of heartbreak. The woman he screwed over most recently (the poor dumb thing blew over five years trying to make it work with him) was depressed and so clingy-needy…easy prey for this jerk. He does not care about you no matter how much he makes you think he does…know that you are being manipulated. Deep down he knows he is a piece of sh*t (and doesn’t care) but will whine all the time about how no one respects him and how bad people treat him. He totally works the “oh poor me” thing. But if you want to see him come out fighting, call him on actually needing to be a man and keep his word and treat people with respect. He has used sites like Plenty of Fish and others in the past to hunt women…if you catch him at this he will deny he ever meets up with them. I’ll wrap this by saying that I heard his last girlfriend dumped him after finding texts from seven other women he was screwing (unprotected) behind her back after swearing he only had safe sex…after the time she returned from a trip to find another woman’s panties in her bed….he “never touched that woman”. Ladies, you’ve been warned.

  9. suzywong

    lance roane, is a sorry piece of crap, used my friend, moved in with her family didn’t pay rent, for food or give anything towards the house, got her pregnant and when she had a miscarriage he left her to deal all by herself he has no house of his own so he goes from chic to chic if you see him RUN he’s in md so beware he smokes weed and drinks until he passes out he’s good for nothing

  10. brucewillpay0327

    BEWARE of Bruce Bryan Jr,, Bruce Lyle Brian JR, Bruce Blacksheep, Bruce the Blacksheep, Tn,,,,,,

    Multiple DUI’s in Sumner, Davidson and Rutherford counties in Tennessee
    Theft over 10k in Davidson County Tennessee
    Failure to pay Child support on one of his kids in St Johns county Florida (he has 2 kids)
    Failure to appear on the DUI and Domestic Assault in Sumner and Davidson County County
    Convicted of Felony in Tenessee
    Ex DJ for radio stations in Florida and Tennessee

  11. Blujay

    Douglas Bosworth- Burning Man, Sonoma County, Mojave Desert, Los Angeles. Family in San Diego Very Dangerous. Extremely controlling and delusional. He is very talented and extremely manipulative. Likes to hold a girl against her will, choke hold, break one’s phone when she tries to call for help. Forces a woman to work against her will without pay. Takes her phone & takes car keys so she cannot leave. Locks her in the house with him while he verbally and psychologically terrorizes. Verbally abusive, psychologically abusive. Likes to do very dangerous things while you are driving. Leaves women in financial ruin. He lies constantly. Lies about his “Ivy League” education. There wasn’t one. Nothing that comes out of his mouth can be trusted. He lies constantly. Cannot be trusted with paying back loans or following through with financial agreements. Two strikes, three DUIs and Grand Theft, Burglery charges- many Domestic Violence Charges. Loving drunk turns into Scary Drunk if the winds change direction. Has no care for anyone but himself, blames everyone but himself. Cruel beyond anything I have seen of another human being up close. So delusional about reality that you think he actually believes it. Destroys lives.

  12. used again

    Michigan Allen Park, Taylor, Ecorse, Detroit, River Rouge, Lincoln Park, Georgia, Mississippi and more

    He is a woman beater and to the fullest extent. He will punch a womans face until it is unrecognizable and steal from you. he is a horrible drunk and crack and weed addict. He is good at charming someone male or female to get what he wants and once he does he will con you from money or your home and is violent with a history of cheating.

  13. justice

    MessageAnthony Vacchio-currently in LI, New York. Serial user and emotional abuser. Not capable of feelings of true love. His typical type is overweight women who have good paying jobs, and places or houses of their own. He reels you in by telling sob stories about his childhood and how mistreated he was–mind you he is a grown 44year old man. Then he will be as sweet as pie, will buy gifts, tell you how you are an angel sent from above. As soon as he gets a place to live-in your home- he will fix it up to earn his keep and will stop working for money. He may go as far as marrying you to convince you of his love, but BEWARE he will leave you dry and gasping for air! Has handfuls of victims. Protect your heart, your soul and your wallet!

  14. noscrubsfresno

    MANUEL FRED TORRES aka FLACO from FRESNO CALIFORNIA is nothing but a loser deat beat dad he has 4 kids from different females. A criminal background with Two strikes and is a Sexual Offender he has to register as a SEX OFFENDER!! Doesnt have a job or car. BEWARE LADIES OF THIS TATTOOED ALL OVER THUG WITH A RIDICULOUS BACKGROUND THATS LURKING IN FRESNO …..

  15. asmedes

    Brandon Harvey Warren, MI Oxford, MI Rochester, MI Pontiac, MI
    Lazy, looking for a sugar momma and a free ride. He finds someone new every 6 months to sponge off of. He cant and/or wont get a job. He talks to women like they are dumb. He is arrogant and cocky. Beware. Also goes under the name Damien Christian.

  16. enuff_o_dischit

    Brian M. Beck, Dayton, OH
    Very cute, adorable, funny and charming but don’t let that fool you. He’s rapid cycle bipolar, an alcoholic (been thru rehab several times, hits the bottle again days after getting out) and displays paranoid behavior. Brian is very good at lying and manipulating. He will put words in your mouth, accuse you of things you didn’t do or say and twist your words around to use them against you. He will trick you into believing you and he are in a relationship–then when you fall for him (which is his goal), he will push you away and tell you it was never any more than a friendship. He tires of women quickly, usually getting “involved” with several in a year’s time. He will not want you to have sex with anyone else, yet he will **** other women behind your back….and lie about it. Every bad thing that happens to him is everyone else’s fault, never his. Everyone is the Bad Guy, he’s always the “victim”. He will want you one day, then kick you out of his life the next. Brian is very unpredictable, due to the rapid cycle bipolar disorder. You never know how he’s going to be from one day to the next. He will cheat on you too, no matter how good you are to him. Has to have another woman in the shadows, then he will start a fight with you so he can chew your ass out and run to the other girl. Then when he’s tired of her, he’ll search you out, wanting to be a part of your life again….and again….and again. Brian isn’t a monster, he’s just definitely NOT relationship material. My advice is just don’t get involved with him, do not reveal too much of anything to him, do not talk or associate with his friends/family, take all he says with a grain of salt and keep your distance and your guard up at all times around him. Sad, but just trying to save you all the pain and heartache I went thru with him.

  17. blankchic

    Mike O. Jones, Roanoke, Va
    He is a liar, plain and simple. He a gambling addict and a loser and he’ll gamble away his entire paycheck and go after yours. He claims to be a man in integrity, but you’ll soon find that he is a user. He’ll try to use you until there’s nothing left.
    Don’t let him, I got out when he started asking me for money and not smalls sums either. He had the nerve to ask me for $500!!! and then got pissed when I said NO!

  18. ahope1187

    Shane Boudreaux, New Iberia, La be careful when you try to break up with this guy because he will literally try to break you. When I did he pulled a gun on me (such a real man) and proceed to throw me around like I was a rag doll or something. Don’t worry ladies, cops were called and he was arrested but not before I got a few punches in myself. This was years ago but I needed to let everyone know. He’s nuts. Unlike other people on this page (post #266) I actually dated this guy, I didn’t chase after him pathetically wishing for me then try to blast him when he rejected me. Sorry boo boo, but suck it up.

  19. funk_D_Elzy


    Lured me in with his sweet and charming ways. Made me fall totally in love with him. Called all the time, took me out and then just disappeared. Comes to find out that he recently got out of prison and has been in and out since 2005. LADIES BEWARE! He will suck all the life out of you and then move on to the next victim!

    Below are just some of the convictions. He also has several misdemeanors which include Family Violence and Resist Arrest:




  20. cajunfungirl

    Jacob Bell Lafayette La. Ok ladies time to fill you in on Loser. He has an incredible way of charming women but he lies. He cheated on his long time girlfriend so many times she finally dumped him. He told me he has always wanted to be with me and after I slept with him he goes and sleeps with my best friend. He has slept with his friends girlfriends. He thinks every girl wants him. He tells everyone he owns a sporting goods store but his daddy is the one who owns it. He only makes $15.00 an hour. He is such a loser he is 28 and lives at home with his mother, he is bipolar, he is a pill junky and he has a very small penis. Stay as far away from this piece of &*%$ as you can.

  21. PinkBeth

    Michael Gijsbertsen. Ede, Gelderland, NL (Netherlands) – if any of you ladies go here, becareful of him. I’ve dated him off and on for the last two and a half years, and he has lied, cheated and manipulated me. He has tons of female friends, and makes time for them, but never you. Flirts with all of them, out in the open and then denies anything is going on, even when he’s been found out. DO NOT trust him, you will fall for his sweet and charming demeanor and then, you will find out that he’s scum and end up heartbroken.

  22. 15FDublin

    Eoin Sheehan Dublin Ireland. Told me he loved me and wanted to marry me so we would have sex, gave him my virginity nd the next day he told me it wasnt anything serious and couldnt be because he is 22 and im 15. and now i have herpes and he was the only guy ive ever had sex with.

    • lostgirl

      Gareth Grehan – You fuck over your friend in real life then precede to slander him online. This is despicable, but then a lot of things you do are. You should off at least picked a less obvious username.

  23. supposedlyaCrazyBioch

    John Michael Treppard- Chattanooga, TN area- AKA Mike or Michael. Ex drug and alcohol abuser and counselor (got fired for sexual harrassment). Liar, abusive, Sex addict and Bisexual cheater. He Thinks hes better than every woman and pretends to be all sweet and Gentleman like but once he gets you, he cheats with both men and women, calls her out of her name (anything but prefers CU**) Emotionally/Physically abusive.. He likes short skinny redheaded women with VERY little boobs & cute feet. (teenage looking women).. NOT worth ANYONES time.. Oh, and he throws childish temper-tantrums when he doesnt get his way or when hes called out on his actions.

  24. kyliediva1

    Toby Passauer Cranbourne Australia. Cant stand his own company, moves from one girl to the next yet still ‘visits’ his exes whilst with current g/f. Liar, cheat and user. Believes he is superior and will leave you feeling like Crap. Doesn’t have the guts to end long term 4 year relationship to your face, will simply send text message and move on to next girl.

  25. akeaton101

    Leotha Anderson, Peoria Illinois. He is abusive, controlling, manipulative and a big pothead, worst of all a thief. He will steal your heart and your money. He will tell you tales of his hard life, make you pity him, accuse you doing stuff that he is actually doing and kick your teeth in if you confront him or try to leave him. BE AWARE this man is crazy and will ruin your life. NOT WORTH THE AIR HE BREATHES.

  26. build-a-man

    Eric Afful. He acts like the sensitive type, but he’s really a jerk. He shows up late–if ever. Basically, he has no regard for your time and doesn’t bother to call you on a regular basis. After I broke up with him, he continued to text and call me for months. I didn’t respond until two weeks ago, when I finally had enough of it. He claimed that he missed me, still loved me and apologized for what he did. I told him that it would take a lot for him to get back in my good graces because I didn’t trust him. He said that he would do whatever it takes. Well, guess what? No follow up from this guy, which I expected anyway, but it is yet another example of how men never keep their word and like to play games.

  27. c0urtn3ybr33

    Bill Maynor. He sweet talks you, treats you nice, and then goes off and says I can’t be in a relationship, but can be committed. Then leaves you when you’re at your weakest and gets into another relationship with a girl. He is NOT worth the time.

  28. sunspotbaby

    William Gannon aka William Cooper – after 16 years of marriage and 2 sons he remarried, took HER last name to run and hide from child support. Yea – and his mother doesn’t speak to him to this day (this happened in 1989) she talks to me tho – haha that says it all. You changed your last name and your mother won’t speak to you? LOSER!! CHEATER!! LIAR!!!

  29. UberFang

    Chris Perrott. Known Alias: LucasWolfox, luciusheldfether, thantusgrimfist, PSN: L_W_F. He’s a gentlemen at first and what every girl dreams about but he will romance you for a few months and then stop talking while he romances someone else. He will blame you saying you don’t trust him, you forced him to cheat and where smothering him. He is very vain and constantly thinks of his self image in that he will only do the ‘right thing’ at anytime if he thinks other people will notice. For this reason he will not breakup with a girl because he’s truly a coward and doesn’t want trys to desperately make up exhausts to his friends and family why you are a bad person. He will not breakup because he doesn’t want you to think badly of him because he is simply looking for different girls to add to his list. He is also secretly bi but is completely afraid of what others will think of him but will use girls as his cover!!! He will romance a girl to take home to his friends and family as a show to cover up the not so credible girls and guys he’s dating on the side.
    Be careful girls he’s a very smooth romantic talker but knows what he is doing and so say to have you fall for him. He thinks he’s a honorable guy and always do the right thing but he doesn’t and is really a true coward. He is even willing to abandon his dog he’s had since a puppy for ten years so he can not have responsibility. He will say it’s because he truly cares and it’s for the best. That’s his favorite line but who would do that to there dog?! That’s how much a slime he is.

  30. bluesea

    Gary – A bald, fat ugly looking man with no morals or sense of responsibility. Disguised as pleasant, caring, and loving you will think that he is a nice person when you first meet him. But you only get a few weeks that is how long it takes for him to become unable to repress his true self any longer. He subjects a person to anger, emotional and mental abuse. He will rank you on the bottom of his priority list. When you become emotionally involved with him, he will show his true colours. He is the type of person going around telling his mates that he is so brave and intelligent but truly he is a male pussy. If there is any problem he backs out, because this man does not love anybody for who they are but for pleasing him.
    Trash mingles with trash, that’s why we didn’t get along after awhile because you are trash, and I am not. Grow up, grow a pair and settle down with a broad who is at the same low class level as you and has no shame.

  31. DollyDagger

    Dan Shell, Cincinnati, Ohio- is a sociopath who abused my friend of nearly thirty years. She is physically disabled, and was living in The same apt. building as this monster. To make a long story short, they ended up together as a couple, and he used her financially due to the fact hew was too lazy/high to get/maintain a job. As his drinking/ drug use got worse, he began beating/ assaulting her in every way imaginable. my friend is no angel; never was, never will be. But no human being should ever be treated this way. Scared, lonely, and in a new city, she made the mistake of befriending then falling in love with a “person” who used her in every way he could, and left her with physical/ emotional scars that will never heal. He is unpredictable and violent; a pathological liar.

  32. bunny lopez

    lee d a ups driver in modesto calif a maried man with five children, a childrens football coach and all around seemingly nice straight laced man who is a habitual cheater. he lures women into his truck for sex. he talks crap on fat people but is screwing a five hundred pound chic on hhis route . an all around ass who needs to be found out.

  33. porcelain11

    Luke Paxton, Cleveland, Ohio. Pathological Liar. May be a sociopath. Is a drug addict and liar. He was the worst thing that ever happened to my life.

  34. Shane Lane: Alias: Shane, Hercules Tampa, Fl;Ocala,FL;Albany, GA – I was with this man for 7 years. We had two children together and were married. He cheated on me with a man for money and lied to this man telling him that he was gay and that he wasn’t married and didn’t have any children. He is an abusive, controlling alcoholic and unless you don’t want friends and don’t care if you ever talk to your family… DON’T DATE THIS GUY!

  35. Shane Lane: Alias: Shane, Hercules – I was with this man for 7 years. We had two children together and were married. He cheated on me with a man for money and lied to this man telling him that he was gay and that he wasn’t married and didn’t have any children. He is an abusive, controlling alcoholic and unless you don’t want friends and don’t care if you ever talk to your family… DON’T DATE THIS GUY!

  36. Penca

    Steven Ellis…Sumter, SC. This bastard beat the hell out of me. I was only 13 years old when he started to physically abuse me, it didn’t start until 8 months into the relationship. It went from a push to a slap, and then one day he just snapped and broke my nose and blacked both of my eyes. He chased me around his apartment with a knife threatening my life. He slammed my head into a counter multiple times and bashed my face into a microwave so hard I cracked the plastic part of the door with my face. I took his ass to court with a blackened and bruised face and all I got was a temporary restraining order, no justice for me. It didn’t him away of course and I made it clear he was not welcome in my life anymore. He got to the point where he was obsessed and still is, he is still stalking me after 5 years. So girls, if you are smart you will stay clear of this woman beating prick, no relationship is worth risking your safety and I learned that the hard way…

  37. Penca

    Travis Deshotel…from Sumter, SC. We were together for almost 2 years and at the end of our relationship I got knocked up. Him and his bitch mother basically begged me to get an abortion multiple times but even though I thought about it I knew I wasn’t capable of doing it so of course I was planning on having our baby (I was 17 at the time). Well when I was about 7 weeks prego (also the day before my birthday!) I had a miscarrige, which wasn’t a surprise from all the stress and hell I was going through. He wanted to have sex with me THE SAME NIGHT I MISCARRIED OUR CHILD, I should’ve ran then!!! Finally exactly 16 days after that he broke up with me and wanted nothing more to do with me, while I was still miscarrying our child…what a fuck head! Girls, stay away he is a loser and a mommas boy…I think it was her that pushed him into dumping me. He is a liar, manipulater, and lazy pot-head bastard.

  38. shi

    Darick Gayden

    This guy is a jerk. Stay away from him. He cheated on his dying wife. He drinks like a fish, but states that he is a man of GOD. He did and will not honor the state of marriage because he is Mississippi jerk.

  39. ifellforit

    Bruce Lyle Bryan Jr…..AKA BRUCE THE BLACKSHEEP OR JUST BRUCE BLACKSHEEP HE IS AN EX DJ OUT OF NASHVILLE TN FORMERLY FROM florida. This guy is a predator the preys on women that may be older than him and are able to support themselves,and he seems to target single moms. He came into my life presenting himeself a guy that just had bad things happen to him, and after I helped him get them straightend out we got married….then he told me he wanted us to have sex with other people. He is also an alcholic and cannot ever hold a job. He has schizophrenic delusions but when diagnosed refused to take medication and beat me almost to death. And could not understand why we would not get back together after that. I have bought him a jeep which he was to pay, but then defaulted and hid the jeep. I had to file bankrupty to protected myself. He wants older women to use their money while he is out with the younger ladies behind your back I found out too late. He is always running from florida child support enforcement from a daughter that he has never seen,and also has a son down there that he has nothing to do with. He stole from me, lied to me, used me and took everything he could from me. He even tried to tell people that the bruises he had on him from me defending myself, were where I had started attacking him, and he had no choice but to get me off of him. He is verbally abusive and was mean to my children but tried to convince me the children were lying about it. RUN AWAY FROM THIS MAN HE IS DANGEROUS…he also now has a felony record along with everything else in Nashville tn public online records. HE TORE APART MY FAMILY AND MY LIFE

  40. heartbrokensara

    He was engaged then cheated on her while she paid his way through school and paid for his brand new jeep. She broke it off with him and he ended up marrying the girl he cheated on her with. That girl knew he was engaged too! Well long story short, after he gets married he starts contacting his ex again says he loves her, wants to hook, and whenever he drinks he gets bitter about the whole thing! WTF! I want so bad to contact his wife now and say “you knew he cheat on his girl with you, you really didn’t think he would cheat on your ass”! Women come on!! Once a cheater always a cheater!! He was always lying, contacting his ex-girlfriends. He was looking for someone with money. Family wealth. He needed the image. He was all about image. He would tell you what to wear. He was even physically abusive at times. He seems nice. Everyone loves him but he is quite different behind closed doors. He is cheating on his wife. He is bad news! Stay away from this manipulative creep.

  41. krazybytch28

    Brian Lee from poughkeepie ny. If I were you I would stay away from him. He may come off as a great guy like all men do but let me tell you he is far from it. Any boy that would cheat on you while you were pregnant with his baby. Send you into per-term labor due to stress. Have our daughter 2 months early, have to have an emergency c-section and have a 4lb 2 oz baby girl you can’t bring home till a month later is no man at all. Then to top it all off leaves you 2 weeks after Christmas with 4 kid’s. no money, bill’s up the ass, no job cause I was caring for a sick baby and find out he left you for yet another chick. He is no man. Than for two years straight he claims your children who he never supported on his taxes and takes the money to get things for his new apartment and to buy a new motorcycle is no man. Then he keeps coming back to you saying how much he wants to make it work out and then plays you like your a fool. That is no real man. Now he really want’s nothing to do with his children at all. He takes them maybe once every 3 or 4 months if that. So yeah if I were you I would stay away from him. He is nooooo good

  42. Lena

    More about John Charles Burtis Jr., Hyde Park New York also forgot to mention he has cheated on every single woman he’s ever been with including his ex-wife. He starts cheating with a woman then leaves his current girlfriend for the girl he cheated with. He’s done it every single time and he will never change. He’s a real piece of work…and that’s being extremely nice.

  43. Lena

    John Charles Burtis Jr., Hyde Park New York. We were together for 6 years and I found out he’s been cheating on me for 5 of those years. He’s a pathological liar, a serial cheater and physically abusive. Do Not Go Near Him!!!

  44. ParisBound

    Jeff Morser, from San Diego but has resided in Jacksonville FL, Tulsa OK and Bloomington IL. Ladies, do not go near him. He is definitely a guy who seems too good to be true, and he holds that image for awhile, but as the old saying goes, anything that is too god to be true probably is. He definitely was!
    He told me he did not believe in pre-marital relations and then cheated on me with his hussy undergrad co-worker! He made (at the time) probably three times more money than I did, yet he was always complaining of being broke and insisted that I buy his groceries! I did (I know, I know) because he had gone through a divorce (which according to him was 100% his ex-wifes’ fault. hmm-mmm) and I felt he was probably financially strapped afterwards. I had to take him to the airport once and, because I work nights, I fell asleep that morning…but I still got him to the airport on time! I even still got him there early! And guess what? He called me that night and bitched at me for it!
    PLEASE do not go near him. He is a liar, a cheat and will only be interested in you for your money. BEWARE!!!

  45. aeichelberger

    Sean Chavez-Akron,OH-when we were together he tell me he loved me but i’d also find “dirty” conversations with other girls on his phone and when i left him and moved on he and his new girlfriend started harassing and stalking me and when my new boyfriends brother told him to back off or there were going to be problems he tried to make me out to be the bad guy. Also he wont do anything for anyone unless he gets something out of it generally in the form of money or sex. He’s a complete jerk who can’t be trusted.

  46. fedupforever

    Steven Henri from Bellevue, Ne. I met this piece of work through a mutual friend of mine. Steve came off as very sweet and caring, he had the good looks and all of the right things to say. We were together for about 6 months, everything was going fine, and we had discussed moving in together this spring. Well, right before Christmas, he broke up wit me because he had been secretly talking to his ex and thought he still had feelings for her. I should have saw the warning signs that he was trouble, but I really wanted to believe that he was different. About 3 months into the relationship he started to let his nice guy mask slip, and started to show that we was very narcicistic. He constantly talked about how great he was, and began to imply that he was better than me in all aspects. Keep in mind that I am in graduate school, I have a higher position in the company I work for, and I make more money. I implied that he was beter looking than me, even though whenever we went out, all of his friends, guys and girls would talk about nothing else but how attractive I am. He was vey competitive and hated to be challenged, he was never wrong no matter how wrong he really was. I he has a good story, he will try to gain your sympathy and get you to lower your gaurd by telling you about the tragic deaths of two of his siblings. He will sweet talk you, and buy you a lot of cheap shit claiming that he likes to ‘dote’ on all of his girlfriends. Then out of the blue, he will tell you that it isn’t working and dump you leaving you absolutely heartbroken. I found out that he does this to everyone he dates. He will date them, make everything sound like it is going great, and then just dump them. Be warned, this guy is nothing but trouble. If there are any girls out there that really think that they can change him, just remember that he will never be capable of giving you love, because he is too in love with himself. The only thing that will change after you date him, is how you view men all together in a really negative way.

  47. neveragain

    Jerry Dvorak from Houston, TX. This warning is basically for black women since that’s what my ex is into. At least for now.He’s moody,selfish, verbally abusive, liar, and cheater.

  48. karenkay

    Reed Barrow (Sissykrystal)from Everett,Wa. OMG he was such a great guy, warm caring and considerate. Reed was someone I thought was the catch until I had him stay and watch my home while I was away on business. I returned home sooner than I told him and it was late so I quietly entered my home not to wake him, and to my surprise he was in the bedroom with the stereo loud and standing in front of the mirror dressed from head to toe in the most outlandish little sissy girl outfit I ever saw. I think he was in as much shock as I was, and when he tried to explain he just made it worse by telling me and showing me he wears real pampers and plastic pants under his petti too. Give me a break I’m not going to be a mommie to a grown man who thinks he’s a little girl and wets his diaper’s. Unless your into very! sensitive guy’s I would avoid Reed all together.

  49. SaraHoney

    Aaron Wray from WhiteBluff, TN. I dated this guy on and off for 3 and 1/2 years. It started from when I was 12 and he was 14 till I was 16 and he was 18. He was my first bf and being with him almost kept me from being able to ever have a normal relationship again.The whole time we were together he never met my parents, we never went on a date, were never physical (not even a kiss), never talked on the phone, or anything that normal coples have or do. He told me he loved me all the time and broke up with me regularly because he wasn’t “good enough.” He made me think that our relationship was normal so when I got the chance to date other boys I didn’t know how to act with them. He cheated on me repeatedly. He thought he might be gay and I still stuck with him. And finally he broke up with me because he just didn’t love me anymore. Since then he’s repeatedly tried to get me back. Stay away from this jacka**! Nicknames or Known Alias’s: A-ron, Double A-ron

  50. SaraHoney

    Dominic Ruffino
    Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Dom, Minicky, Dominoe, Click
    Last Known Location: Vanleer, TN

    Watch out for this one! He comes off as the perfect guy. He’s great with kids, he can cook, sing, play guitar, he’s funny, sweet, loyal, and gorgeous, but it’s all just a cover. He started out as one of my best friends before we started dating. We had to break-up for unforseeable reasons, but it wasn’t till after that things started going down hill. He told me how much he wanted me then started dating another girl. He dumped her and we hooked up a few weeks later. After that we started being fwb’s. That was on and off. we almost had sex a few times. He started “talking” to another girl over the summer, hooked up with me during that. Hooked up w/ another chick while we were out together after he’d spent the whole day at my house. We split because i wanted more and he wanted to be single. He split up with all the other girls to date some new girl. He cheated on her with me. When people started finding out, he said I made it all up and lied thru his teeth. She ended up cheating on him and the happy couple is still together. we are no longer friends, we went from talking on the phone for hours everynight to barely talking ever. He used me repeatedly, betrayed our friendship, and turned into a cheating womanizing, player. Look out!

  51. Giggles

    Gareth Grehan from Ireland. He lies. He hurts everyone and says he cares. He gains me trust, and acts “gentlemanly” then he starts malicious arguments to break me down. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, then 2 days later rips my heart out by telling me he wants nothing to do with me and that he never loved me.

  52. sabani

    Jerry from Georgia. Where to start. Cyber stalking alcoholic meets paranoid Christian Bale wanna be. Will live off you for free, take all your money, and then claim it’s all your fault. First week I met him I said on the phone that he was sweet and he said No I’m not sweet I’m an Asshole. I should have listened, he knew best!

  53. sabani

    Aztec from conyers. He drinks he smokes he curses he farts he snores and if that’s not enough he’s a lying piece of crap. I gave him 2 kids and he’s trying to ruin my life. Asshole.

  54. colormemad

    Ryan from Michigan. Seriously he has emotional probs and is a master of manipulation. He uses fear to try to control women. Have broken up with him several times he always manages to get me back by crying and getting his way, not this time!

  55. colormemad

    ” Dr. John ” Chiropractor
    Met this “Doctor”…not. He was a CHIROPRACTOR. yeah, ok, not the same thing. I have a great chiropractor and I know the good ones are wonderful but this still is not the same thing as being a “Dr” . He was using that to be deceptive. He was ok at first, I thought he was normal. Then one night he came over to stay and he takes this huge gun out and puts it up to my throat. !!!!!! So scary. I told him I needed his help to get something out of the garage and I got him to go out there. He thought I was walking behind him and as soon as he was down the steps and in the garage I threw his duffle bag w/ the gun * I unloaded it first and threw the bullets out* out into the garage and slammed the door and deadbolted it. He was really mad. I said Get the Hell out of here or I’m calling the police now. That was the last I saw of him. What a freak~! Then his WIFE ( didn’t tell me he had a wife either) started calling me. I was like Look. You need to get your fake Dr. husband to a REAL Dr. fast because he is a total head case. I changed my number. YUK!

  56. colormemad

    Free Loader
    this free loader will come on to you so smooth and like he’s just so in love with you. Calls every few minutes to every hour, even at work always has time for you, blah blah blah. Until he gets in your pants. Then it’s “Hey what can I say the new has worn off”. Hm. But the new didn’t wear off my money did it you took over a 100 grand and sure didn’t mind sticking around for all the benefits. He has a habit of saying all the women in his life past and present are crazy. I could give you a list of all his ex’s and ex wives who he says are crazy. He even says his Mama is crazy. Shame on this Free loading asshole and I hope the rest of his hair falls out and I hope someone does to him what he did to me. I hope someone cleans out his bank accounts steals his stuff and takes advantage of him and his family in every single way.

  57. Lylonixoxo

    Frantz Jean also known as Rick or Ricky from Miami, FL.

    Well ladys here is the King Kong of adultery lie’n and stealing .He won’t take care of his own kids 4 by the way … he sucks in bed and he has multiable my space moco space and blackplant accounts just for the simple pleasure of messing with what he thinks is the lower speices So women watch out for this smooth talking rapper wanna be rat b*stard thanks have a nice day

  58. lizzysmiles

    Billy Lee from charlottesville,va. He is an alcoholic with a charming personality. But dont be fooled he is a jerk. Will be at bars every night,no phone call . NOTHING

  59. utpeaches

    Terry Ross. He never says he doesent want a relationship, but never answers that he does. He gives you just enough information to keep you on the line. He refuses to commit after 1 1/2 years of dating. By now he knows how attached you are to him. He sleeps with other women and has some way of making it all ok…after all he is a good man. He maintains a type of mind control and seduction over you and treats you with a mild neglect. He calls just enough to give you hope. He screws you, screws other women, screws you…after all its okay because you know hes happy being single.

  60. utpeaches

    Lonnie Ernst from Salt Lake City. He is a free loader that makes his way through life using women. He does not care who he hurts to get what he wants. It is probably your money. Claims all his exes are crazy.

  61. utpeaches

    Nick Billings. Calls all the time at first. he goal is to make you feel real special. He tells you how much he loves you after week one. He wants you to pay his bills. When he finds out he can’t freeload he drops you and picks up another girl in a matter of days.

  62. emmyw

    Trevin Wallace Barber from Palmdale, CA. If you think Trevin is such a “Godly” guy and cute cuz he looks like nick jonas then i beg you to reconsider. He is not as Godly as he appears but is a violent CHEATER, HYPOCRITE, LIAR AND FAKE.and hed make a horrible father. youve been warned.

  63. evilangel

    Paul Mijatovich also known as Pablo from Melbourne, Victoria. This guy is a jerk! He ain’t my ex (thank god) but he is a woman beater, manipulator and is iscolating and alienating my best friend from everyone who cares about her! He is a pot smoking, no hope loser who is so controlling, my friend is scared not to answer his phone calls! It’s beyond a joke. Be warned ladies this guy is the real defintion of a controlling male. He deserves a good beating himself if you ask me!!

  64. littlebitty

    Jeromy Coleman from St.Paul , Minnesota. I was married to him less then a year. He is in the Navy and moved to Oaklahoma City after he moved back to the states. I was to move down there with him and my 2 kids but, He told me not to. He didn’t even want to see me , talk to me, text me …. or notihng. Come to find out… He had been cheating on me. Saying I was cheating first. He is smooth Ladies. He is sweet, loving and has a past but, he will use you to get what he wants, Lies, has his father lie for him. If you meet him….. runnnnnnnnnnnn away fast. He will take all your money, and use you for sex. He is really full of himself and can’t stop looking in a mirroer or whatever. Watch out for him. He has always been a cheater and a user.
    Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Jer Bear, Bear

  65. littlebitty

    Eric R. Crosby — Alright weman…… Truely stay away from this one. He loves to have fun, drinks alot, parties…. ok as a friend but please beawear of the truth. I was with him for 6 1/2 years. Known him now for 9 years. He has 2 kids and one with speacial need. Wants nothng to do with him because, as he said it….. I can’t handle the fact he is retared!!!!!” Yes he really said that about our son.!!!!!! He lies about everything. Cheats on every woman. You think your special….. in his phone…. he calls every womean a booty call.!!!!!! He doesn’t see his kids, doesn’t pay nothing to me, and will not talk about his kids. He will use you and lie to you about anything and everything. You will ask you to marrie him in about 3 weeks time. He talks mad crap about every woman. He say’s I love yu to get in your pants. He does cheat. and, He is always right. Stay away from him. Any woman out in White Bear Lake Bar places can tell you what I say is true. Stay away from this a-hole!

    Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Big timer, Thumper, big daddy and E-roc
    Last Known Location: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  66. freedomgirl

    Scott Todd Perlman
    Run! Do not walk as far away from this abusive ex husband& deadbeat dad. A very “small” man in EVERY way. I guess that’s why he feels he must bully and control those unfortunate enough to believe his crap! He’ll alienate you from your friends and family. He’s so beligerent that you rarely can go to the same place twice with him because he makes an ass of himself with his loud aggressive ways. You will have no self esteem left when he’s done with you. His talent is that he’ll have you believing that “you” made him act this way so it’s your fault. He’s a deadbeat dad who continues to enjoy the priviledge of having a chiropractor license even though he’s many thousands behind continuing NOT to support his kid from a prev. marriage. He lies to courts about his income to avoid having to pay and claims he is on poverty level income! He demeans his little children til they don’t even want to talk on the phone to him. Yet rather than try to improve his relationship with them (stop controlling, bullying) he blames me for being a bad mother. This man is a cancer walking among us. If there were any real justice he’d be in jail where he belongs. He claims to be holistic, the only thing holistic about him is the “holes” in the verbal diarrhea that he spews whether you want to hear it or not! Nicknames or Known Alias’s: “Dr.” Scott. Last Known Location: Marietta,Ga

  67. candygrl

    Thomas John from Wooster, OH. Also known as TJ. I have had two beautiful children for him. i have also had my credit destroyed by him. he now has another child by someone else and does not see his son unless i ask him if he wants to see him. I HAVE TO ASK HIM!!!! Hello!? He drinks and may even have people watching me. He knows what i do. Where i am at etc.

  68. gixxergrl

    Robert “bob” Beasley from columbus, ga. He’s not my ex. he’s the ex of my good friend. he lost his job locally and couldn’t wait to move back home (to his mom’s house) he told my friend he was trying to find work and the whole time he was packing to move. he told her he had tried to get work at a place she referred him to but they weren’t hiring. that was a lie, her manager had already contacted the owner of the business who agreed to hire him. the manager called a few days later to say the guy never showed up. the worst part for me was finding him on the plenty of fish website. ( i didn’t know it was him) i sent her his picture and told her when she went to columbus to visit to see if she could find this guy for me. i finally had to call her on the phone to find out why she wasn’t answering me and that’s when she told me the picture i had sent was him. what a creep. his profile said he had recently transferred to columbus (he was fired from his job) everything he told her was a lie. i wanted to sign up on the website and trick him into meeting me and that’s when i was going to give it to him good. my friend wouldn’t let me do it. she said liars always reap their just rewards and he wasn’t worth the oxygen it would take to even speak his name. ladies in columbus georgia be careful of this creep. and for you creep, i hope your life turns out miserably.

  69. ScarletFever

    David (last name unknown) from Oklahoma City, OK. I didn’t actually date this dude or anything. He tried to get into my panties, but I told him that I was not physically attracted to him, and that we could only be friends. BIG MISTAKE! Description: Short, chubby black dude with child-bearin’ hips & corn rows. You could show a movie on his wide ass. Goofy face. Works for the city. Drives a red car. Currently lives with his Mama (big surprise… NOT). The Scoop: SCRUB to the max, liar, possible pothead & gambler, human crazy-glue, incredibly stupid, overly dramatic, corny, wanna-be player. DO NOT LET HIM IN YOUR HOUSE! Once you get him started, it is hell getting rid of him for good. Will show up EVERY DAY unless you scold him. Says he’s a “loner”, but you’d never suspect that, judging by his needy behavior. Tell him you’re not sexually attracted to him, and he’ll say “OK”… BUT he’ll keep trying to touch you, and even touch himself! (He tried to masturbate on my sofa, right in front of me!!!). Makes up lame, transparent stories about how many women are chasing after him (Riiiiiiiight), in order to make it seem as if he’s “in demand”. Asked me how much money I had, on several occasions, and implied that he wanted to go to Lucky Star casino. I made the grave mistake of buying him dinner a few times (he bought dinner once), and after the 3rd time, he expected me to foot the bill EVERY TIME. One morning, he showed up at my house (after keeping me up all night, watching a movie till 4 AM, and he FINALLY left) and he was in a funky mood because he had just bought a new tag for his car, and he was complaining about the price and throwing the paperwork in my face like he expected me to do something about it. Almost always showed up near dinner time for his freeloading meal. Was always asking if I had any liquor in the house. Very bossy, at times. Would tell me (not ask me) to get him some water, soda, etc. Stole some money from off of my coffee table (he asked me if he could borrow “a dollar”, but scooped-up about 4 dollars worth of quarters when I wasn’t looking). Can’t keep his damned hands to himself, and the word “NO” is not in his dictionary. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MAN!!! He’s a Grade-A LOSER.

  70. ScarletFever

    Paul. I met this guy online, through the Sex Addicts Anonymous Yahoo group. He is, supposedly, a recovering sex addict. Right after I joined the group, he began to send me perverted emails. A few weeks later, he lured me into Yahoo messenger, where he became extremely hostile & abusive when I refused to cyber-sex him. He called me a “Cunt”, accused me of having AIDS and all sorts of other things, just because I wouldn’t give him what he wanted. He is in his 50’s, I think. Has short, curly gray hair, is considerably overweight, wears glasses, and he’s in the real estate business. WATCH OUT!

  71. lahaabbott

    Alan Abbott or Buck, from Winder GA.

    Well prince charming turned into a pathalogical liar and a crook. Not to say his sexual games with others ended our marriage before it ever got started good. He owns a welding shop and has all of his family kissing his rear so he can do his dirty little secrets. It is scary how this man thinks and acts. He has many pending domestic violence cases open throughout the state. Well what else to say but BEWARE OF SHORTWELDERS WHO HURT WOMENDOGS

  72. Aprilnofool

    Jeffrey Weeks from Chicopee, MA Takes advantage of women ($, emotions, whatever he can get), user of human beings, has mommy issues / may hate women altogether. Dead inside. Is perpetual bachelor. Has issues about being manly because he is a pretty boy. Vindictive, sneaky and a cheater. Immature. Superiority complex. Terrible in bed, completely selfish.

  73. MAT

    Andrew Kenease also known as Andy, from Indianapolis, In

    I’ll try to keep this short. First off i only knew this guy for a week. He automatically decided that i was his girlfriend without asking me. By the end of the week he’d told me he loved me, and was asking me to get an apartment with him. He gave me over $200 to ‘buy my firendship’ and by the end of the week he was telling mye i was fat, and how worthless i was. and worst of all. he date raped me. and i became pregnant. i have a beautiful baby boy now who i love dearly. but now i have to have a daily reminder of that one night. and i think the bastard needs to some how pay for it. I know he’s had to do this to other people…he picks girls who are wulnerable and maybe need serious help and/or just had a recent bad break up, and starts trying to control them immediatly.

  74. iamanurse

    Duane Hannah (Bluesdady) from West Virginia Only wants someone to take care of him! Is an alcoholic that doesn’t believe that he has to work. Believes in his heart that a woman should do everything, work, pay bills, clean house, cook, etc. while he sits and watches porn all day on the computer. He thought something was wrong with me as I did not share his beliefs! Big ole looser girls, I should have known better.

  75. Brizmommy

    Aaron Smith from Gainesville, FL. We were together for 3 years and have a womderful daughter together… 3 months ago we both decided to have another baby. I got pregnant right away. 2 months into it he decides he isnt feeling it anymore so we are splitting up… and get this… before we officially ended our relationship he went off all night and slept with someone else, how’d I find this out? Found the condom in a cup in his car…. great right? No I’m pregnant and alone when it was supposed to be us growing our family.


    Ernie Gurke
    This is a dangerous psychopath, alchoholic and druggie who gets his kicks out of sadistic acts, violence, lies, manipulations, and making fools of everyone – he will say anything to get what he wants and steal and throw away everything you have to hurt you. Watch out for your kids and friends, no one will stand in his way. sweet talk will soon turn to physical violence. Depraved empty man who will steal you blind. Weak little man who cares about nothing but himself and how he will get his next fix. Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Ernie, Ernst Last Known Location: Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

  77. notabused

    Nicknames or Known Alias’s: ERNIE, ERNST, Last Known Location: READINGTON NEW JERSEY

  78. notabused

    He says he has friends on the police to deter you from calling the police when he is violent or threatening. CALL THE POLICE. get the protection you need. Don’t be intimidated by this lying degenerate. don’t let him hurt you or destroy your home. call the police and file the charges. your safety comes first. Last Known Location: NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK

  79. steph

    Jose Antonio from Laredo, TX. Dated him for app. 3 months. Slept over at my house numerous times. Very recently I was informed that he has a girlfriend with children in his hometown. This information was confirmed via internet. I’m sure his girlfriend had no idea what her sweet little college boy was up to during the week, 3.5 hours away from home.

  80. wejo

    Anthony Lorick also known as Tony, from Kerrville Texas… Mentally ill,Compulsive liar,violent,emotionally abusive, financially abusive, sexually abusive. This man was a serial cheater. He had so many phone numbers in his wallet once it took me hours to call all the women. His real trick is the internet. He had dozens of women on the line and thinks a woman is stupid enought to believe all his lies and when you don’t he becomes furious!He draws you in by first becoming a “caring” friend and then convinces you he’ll give you everything you dream of. He was dangerous before but now he’s taking karate lessons. Stay way from this man! He will take everything you have and leave you or worse you might just end up dead!

  81. carolann

    Duane Butler known as BIg D from stephenville newfoundland canada. Beware, he is a con artist true manipulater. Uses woman for their money or what ever he can get even just a meal. has drug addictions which he will try to support by living off his woman. he will run your bath light the candles and fill your heart but you will only end up being used for his own needs. He is abusive when drinking and has been also with kids. Dead beat father 100 per cent would rather support his habits then his kid at present is using yet another woman who is going through a divorce and is waiting for her to get her money so he can take it and run. his past history with all his woman is the same, he is a liar cheater user and a very loud speaking man with a mental illness. He loves a woman with a sports car and will try to charm you to give it to him. He is a big man 230 pounds 6 foot 2 inch but really he is only a small man with a very small burnt out mind and a very small private part. Useless human being who uses woman and never worked any real time in his life, welfare is his style and the bonus comes from the females he meets who have a bit of money to support him and the habits. He is verbally abusive as well when he does not get what he wants or he will pretend to be depressed so you will feel sorry for him and give him what he wants. He hurt me and my kids many times, my kids hate him and have been scarred. Beware is all I have to say!!!

  82. CourtBlazrox

    Chris Patik known as “C” from Connellsville, PA. He is a lying, cheating, jobless, and degreeless loser and waste of space. He is very attractive and a charmer, but once he gets close to you, he starts to take all your money and he’ll move in with you just so the jobless hobo has a place to sleep! All the while, he is seeing other women behind your back! STAY AWAY trust me, girls 🙂

  83. GuysAreDumb

    Haris from Spokane, wa. Known as a compulsive liar – Control freak – ask constantly where i was who i was with and what I was doing Liar -would tell me things to me and then something different to my best friend. Then when we confronted him about it he said he never said any of it. .. (psycho) He wanted to marry me after like 1 month of dating He is completely socially awkward and is all about the PDA i mean like you feel completely trapped!i Also would wait down the street until i would come outside to see me. WOuld call me when he was outside so he could come over. Even if i was super busy he still demanded i make time for him. If i didnt he would seriously throw a tantrum like a 2 year old. He Lies about shit and is the biggest drama queen i have ever known. I have never ever ever met somebody so dramatic in my life!!!! STAY AWAY ladies he will become obesessed with you!!! He is a fucking leech! He needs some serious Mental help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. snowbunnie

    Mario Lyles also know as mario quo or m-eazy from Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, NY. Mario is a user and abuser! He not only used my credit cards, but when I found out he said he would pay it and never did! He told my uncle that I was his overdraft protection. After I had just helped him find a car, get it on the road and registered it for him! He has a nasty temper and can be very violent. I once had a stapler thrown at my head. He is also a cheater. He goes from one girl to the next, we were together for almost 2 years(and knew each other longer than that). After I broke up with him he was with a new girl in 2 weeks, saying he loved her, and she was the one. He is 23 and everytime it seems like the girls get younger and younger. He also told my little brother that he prefers virgins because he likes being the first, even if it’s not a longterm relationship. He is an excellent liar and can be very charming, so do not fall for it girls!

  85. ErinNoel

    Justin Carpenter Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Joker from Orlando, FL. Justin is an asshole! We were together for 2 1/2 years and he left me after I found out I was pregnant and I have heard from him once sense then. Needless to say I have not gotten any money from him. Watch out for this worthless piece of swamp slime!

  86. Mellie

    Bobby also known as: Robert K. from hunterdon county, nj. I never actually dated him but “attempted” a relationship. He is a lying, self absorbed, disrespectful, arrogant, cocky, self centered, dumb, uncaring, judgmental, cold bastard. He will say that he will call or take you out, but he is always “too busy.” He tells you what you want to hear, leads you on for months and shatters your heart. He supposedly has “many women” he meets through his job and because he’s SO desirable. He seems to thrive on drama and will listen to any feedback from a third party about you. If the feedback is negative, he will pass judgment on you and CUT YOU OFF, WITH NO EXPLANATION! He is 38, self employed, still lives at home. He is a commit-a-phob and leery of any relationship. You have been warned, steer clear and save yourself NOW!

  87. Koalabear

    DAN C Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Big D, Ted from Valparaiso, IN. He’s a charming snake, but don’t be fooled! If you give him a penny, he’ll take the entire bank account. He consistantly stole my bank cards while I slept and bought THOUSANDS of dollars worth of items. I mean, how dare I try to sleep at night! He’s been caught cheating on MySpace with local girls calling himself “Ted”. Same lie: Poor Dan, mean wife divorced him so feel sorry for him. We most certainly were NOT divorced. I felt sorry for the girls he duped into dating him…most were really sweet girls who thought they’d met Mr. Right online. Run from him…don’t walk!

  88. oklahomagirl says


    Nicknames or Known Alias’s: MAN OF MY DREAMS!!! EAT IT DEBBIE!!

  89. Tracy

    Harold Edward Roberts II. Known alias : Robbie. from Tulsa OK. This is my ex husband. Not only did he cheat on me while I was in the hospital but he was also physically abusive throughout the spam of our relationship including choking me several times. Despite what he may tell you about his past he was removed from the Military for theft and an inability to listen to authority. His dishonorable discharge from the Navy was because he stole several laptop computers.

  90. Tracy

    Doug Scroggins. from Tulsa OK. Doug cheated on his wife more than 3 times in their 10 years of marriage including the day after his brother in law died while his wife lay in bed traumatized. He had 2 kids both of which he doesn’t bother to spend time with. He lies cheats and is an admitted sex addict. He’s big into Internet porn as well, once secretly taking pictures of his wife while she slept and posted them on the Internet.

  91. LoveAngel

    Erik Zepeda. Known alias : Yogi bear. from Mexico. He looks at your eyes and tells you “I love you” tells you that he is afraid to lose you that he needs you that he feels very different and special when he hugs you but days later tells you that he is going back to Mexico only for a month and that it is unfair for you to be his girlfriend if he isn’t with you so he ask you to brake up and promis you that he will call you when he comes back but he “comes back” a week later from mexico (not for a month like he said)and calls you but he never talks about a relationship anymore…

  92. jenniferloiler

    Scott Edward Loiler. from Citrus Heights CA. This guy is the biggest loser of them all. He tells lies like they most people make small talk. He is a drug addict alcoholic theif that will burn anyone including family. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear to get what he wants. He’ll promise you the world and then rip your heart right out of you chest. He’ll back stab and deceive and cheat…no matter how much he tells you he loves you. His word means shit and his apologies are empty. I’ve never hated anyone until this man got a hold of me.

  93. aesthetic

    Kim Willis. from Georgetown IL. Kim Willis is a liar user and abuser! He craves attention and affection so much that he will get it from anyone and everyone no matter if he’s in a relationship! The word “faithful” had no meaning to him whatsoever! He has no problem screwing ugly nasty hoes! He will lie to you and manipulate you to get whatever he wants. If you break up with him or deny him in any way he goes completely balistic. He treatened to kill me break in my house and kill my DOG and all sorts of crazy shit! I almost had to get a restraining order on him when he would call my phone at all hours of the day and night and leave the most awful voicemails EVER! He said the meanest most hurtful things that have ever been said to me. He also stalked me I had to quit my job and find another and still hope he doesn’t find me! I would catch him driving past my house quite often. LADIES BEWARE! HE IS BAD NEWS! He’s great when you first meet him seems mellow and sweet and is handsome but don’t ever let him drink or get him angry! He hides his pyscho-ness well! He’s admitted to being Bi-Polar and is on meds for it. I would have never ever guessed he was this NUTS he seems so normal when you meet him! He’s also into guys but will only admit it when he drinks…he often asked me to finger his butthole! GROSS! He’s not the type of guy you wanna mess around with!!! If you ever meet this nasty LOSER RUN FAR FAR AWAY FAST! TRUUUUUST ME! DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU!

  94. lalalindy

    Josh Rounsville. Known alias : James Joshua Rounsville. from Citrus Heights CA. He used the whole “I’m not the typical guy” line and turned out to be a total asshole. I caught him talking on the phone to another girl in my kitchen. He was saying the rudest things about me and I heard every word… my revenge? A suckerpunch to his mouth. Yeah bad I know. But the jerk had it coming. Also he says he loves to work out but ladies cover your eyes when he takes his shirt off!

  95. deadsoul

    Daniel Talbot. Known alias : Tabs. from Adelaide South Australia. seems like the perfect caring sweet life time kinda guy.
    but will lead you on break your heart and ruin your life.
    soulless back stabbing user.
    Will make you fall hard for him then take advantage till he’s gotten everything he wants.

  96. zcowgrrl

    Bob Littlefield. from Everett WA. He is a sociopath to the T. He was always looking & watching other girls when I was with him & trying to get them to come over when I wasnt home to give him a bj. He started persuing another girl after about 2 years of us being together & then was verbally abusive when I kicked him out. He is a womenizer & can not have just one girl. He lies about everything he has profiles on single web sites & even talks to girls in Russia about hooking up. He uses you until he no longer has a use for you then he will move on the whomever he has sitting in the back ground. He is a silver tongue devil & for a 40 something year old he is still playing the same games & making the same mistakes as he did 20 years ago. He is a loser user & booser he will never change or learn so do yourself a favor & stay away & NEVER NEVER EVER believe or trust anything he may say if you have the misfortune of meeting or talking to him.

  97. mikymouse

    Carl Tavoloni. Known alias : Anthony. from Fircrest WA. I had a boyfriend 4 a couple months and basically he got tired of me. So he got action from another gurl without me knowing. Then I found out so he dumped me. Then he went out with a bunch of other gurlz to make me jelious. But I found out that he really liked them. We broke up 4 like at least a month. Then we got back together and he like an hour later sayz its over then hangs up. Then the nxt day at school he tells every1 it waz funny when he broke up wit me. If you ever date this guy all I have to say is watch out! He likes to play games and iz not the rite guy 4 any1!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!

  98. IHateAllMen

    Alan Cutshall. from Pasadena TX. He was great at first. Really nice. Just divorced. All of a sudden basically was living with me. Can’t hold a job because he would rather smoke weed and get high. He got so jealous of my exboyfriend calling me he broke 4 of my phones. Put several holes in my walls and kicked my door in. I would be sleeping in my room and all of a sudden he would be in my house. He had found a way to sneak in my house. I finally found out he would sneak in my garage and jimmy the lock…OMG psycho. He drove by my house and even sent messages to my new boyfriend telling him not to date me and etc. I paid several of his bills and i got SCREWED over. He bought me a bbq pit worth 50 bucks and he told me he was going to sue me for it….HAHA STAY AWAY

  99. Ashley

    Justin Mooney. Known alias : Toby. from Canton GA. Treated me like Trash for 5 straight years. Would call me a bitch tell me to shut up get mad if I said no to sex never picked me up from my house said disrespectful things about my family cheated on me after 4 years called me all sorts of degrading names (from stupid bitch all the way down to the c word). Forgot my birthday and picked his video games over me. He belongs on the ex boyfriend list because he is disrespectful to women (atleast me) and is still a boy who plays his video games ATLEAST 5 hours a day (Not counting the days he’s off work)

  100. SugaBabe

    Paul Ferrari. from Melbourne Victoria. This guy and his whole family stole my 3 year old son. They are holding for ransom and this is the second ex-wife this family have done it too. Paul and his whole family are all Narcissists & they take great pleasure in emotionally abusing the people on the “outer circle” meaning if your not blood your not in the family and you never will. They will be extremly overbarringly nice to the point where you wonder if they are all fakes. And i assure you this man and his family are VERY toxic and if you ever see them run run far far away and NEVER look back!

  101. annieone

    John Spaur. from Los Gatos CA. He is a NARCISSIST and is not capable of deep feelings for another. He knows how to go thru the motions to make it look like he really cares about you but he is not truly capable. He’s messed up but doesn’t know he’s messed up. He’s so wrapped up in himself that he won’t even think of you. So consider yourselves warned.

  102. annieone

    Stanislaw Kolosa. Known alias : Stan – polish guy. from Campbell CA. This guy is out for one thing and one thing only. He took me out twice and then expected me to go home with him. I told him no I don’t want to go to his place since I still didn’t know him very well. Geeze it takes months to get to know someone well enough to want to sleep with them. Then after that I never heard from him again. What a DORK!

  103. mawr

    Thomas Rodgers. Known alias : Tommy. from bc49 Tom. He was abusive emotionally verbally and physically. I finally got out of that relationship and pressed charges against him for assault. There was supposed to be a restraining order for a year but he got off after only 6 months.
    The bruises and emotional scars he gave me were not worth the 8.5 years I stayed with him.
    He is immature and has a tendency to be attracted to young girls (as in 14-16 years old)
    Stay away! especially if he isn’t sticking to his anti-depressants and is back into the booze. 🙁

  104. WWEDIVA

    billy paiva. Known alias : pothead. from somerset /fall river ma. hmm.. where do i start? wasted 4 yrs of my life with the piece of crap. who actually had a girlfriend away at school the whole time. He decided to tell me yrs later. just letting you know girl it was great sex and he never thought about you the whole time. lol but dont want him ne more hes nasty. lying dirty cheater

  105. toe

    Steven J Bottomley. from Schreiber ON Canada. After 15 1/2 years of my life a house home child and business….just to mention a bit….he decides after all the stress of me working full time him getting fired from his job helping him to start and run his business that was floundering from word go raising our child practically alone keeping a spotless home and putting up with his drunken stuppers and selfish and arrogant attitude and doing what he wanted when he wanted and calling me fat all the time he’ll dump ME and frig off to Alberta. Leaves me with all the bills….and meets up with a “friend” he’s been having an emotional affair with. It’s been 4 months and he has not sent a cent and I am still paying all our bills and have tapped all my savings my son’s and had to borrow money from friends and family. He doesn’t want to pay child support and wants to keep all his things we bought together and keep me paying. His new “girlfriend”…he told me last week it’s not going to work…he’s using her for her money….she bailed him out for his business and is supporting his lying arrogant obnoxious ass. Good riddance…and sorry for you new bitch. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN…Hinton and Edson Alberta!!!!! He can be quite the charmer….but give him a few drinks and he’s loud obnoxious and full of himself…doesn’t want to be with a fat/ugly woman he told me….sucker…lost 60 lbs and was never ugly…I know what your new bitch looks dogs ass. In the end though it’s all about HIM!!!!!BEWARE!!!!

  106. bitagain

    kai kaminski. Known alias : tiger (rolls eyes.. oh brother). from boise idaho from germany. this asshole is a pathological liar very sweet and charming at first very intelligent looks like the famous male ballet dancer mickael. he speaks 5 languages and got to the us my marrying some woman and then dumped her married a few more. he’s great until you find out what a liar he is about virtually everything and the he turns into a monster and suddenly you are the problem. he told people i was trying to steal his car and move out of state with it he threw me out of the place we lived in together with no place for me to go just because i confronted him with his lies. he’s a real sicko and hurt many women watch out for his sorry ass girls.

  107. ctcabogirl

    Chris Barket. from Connecticut. We met online and he moved in shortly after. I helped him start and run a bar for over 3 years. I took a home equity line out on my house to help him with his business. We were very happy and very connected until he started drinking heavily. He broke up with me over the phone by telling me he wanted to drink and party without feeling guilty about his behavior hurting me.

  108. bitagain

    steve phillips. Known alias : probably. from albuquerque farmington new mexico. this man took almost 9 years of my life. i met him online in the summer of 2000 and he said all the right things i fell hard for him. he told me he was single no kids and we talked every day had lots of phone sex and he made promises that we would be together. i saw him twice in all those years and i felt a weird vibe. last week a woman called me and told me he was married and living with her. i confronted him with it and he couldn’t deny it. he would freak if he couldn’t get ahold of me was so adamant about me being true to him and not seeing any other men. and stupid me i did it for almost nine years. i know i’m not the only one either. watch out for him he’s slick and charming and an evil person that has no regard for anything but his own satisfaction. i feel sorry for his wife.

  109. wenn

    joel david wood. Known alias : faggot. from freemont new york . for one he turned out to be a sex offender he molested a boy just something he forgot to tell me when we met.2 he still lives with his mommy and he’s 39 yrs old.3 he doesnt work.4 he smells.5 did i metion he is a sex offender.
    Joel david wood = scumbag child molester.
    but he loves me yeah right.

  110. tiredofcrap

    John Frainee. Known alias : lil john. from redlands CA. I agree with the other person hwo posted. this guy is an a number 1 creep. He still lives with his parents and has tons of women friends. He is not loyal to anyone. I have known him for years and have been smart enough to not fall for him.
    He is a loser and he is fat and disgusting and he is trying deperately to ake up for his small cock!
    He will use you for whatever he can get and if you are a man reading this do not do business with him and do not make friends with this false profit! My male friend was screwed over by him for a large amount of money! Thank God someone else posted here people need to know about this fat waste of life!!!!

  111. exgirlfriend

    Joe Fradl. Known alias : Joe. from Pirate Joe Zukrider. I agree with the female that posted this at an earlier time.. Thanks to her I opened my eyes to Joe’s ways and seen even more things from him that was not listed.. So who ever wrote this THANK YOU.. He is still at his old tricks and is not to be trusted.. When he was with me he was still doing the dating site came to my house drunk I told him to leave and not return then he turned on me in a bad way.. He takes all his females to the same places PARKS etc.. His brother Mark Fradl filled me in on his other bad issues.. I took all that in plus what this other female wrote on here which I copied and reposted and took those words to heart and decided I was tired of his cheap and crazy ways.
    This is further down on the list — > (copy)This dude is smooth but beware. He’s a thief liar won’t hold a job for any length of time verbally abusive mistreats animals while stating he’s an animal lover and the list goes on. His FOURTH wife accussed him of child abuse of her teenage daughter. He’s a cheater and a male whore. He will flash those big brown eyes and lie to you at every opportunity. He’s listed on multiple singles sites and has multiple email addresses and alias’s. I have listed a couple of alias’s. BEWARE of this guy. He’s nothing but trouble.

  112. mushroomie

    everette allen reed. Known alias : allen. from eldersburg MD. he broke up with me after three years through a text message. he has an illegitimate child with another ex girlfriend. he is a compulsive spender and has no motivation for a better job or future.

  113. deadheadange

    Jason Edward Troike. from Noblesville IN Well. Well let’s see the worst was when he hit me in front of my son. But during our divorce he took things that were mine ruined things that were mine that he packed kept toys of my four year olds and would not give them back. Yep…his ‘rents have toys that were my son’s as well. He then has went on to tell a bunch of people really horrible and awful things about me and continues to do things to harm my reputation. Screw him but warning to all you sisters out there…he sucks!!

  114. billie

    Shawn Shippee. Known alias : shippster. from Haverhill MA. The last girl that posted on here about Mr. Shippee just knocked the girls that he has been with but forgot to add herself. she is the one person that he was with that put him in prison. she posts things on here but is friendly to the “bi ladys face” so who is the one that is truely messed up?

  115. angiebaby

    Frank Russell. Known alias : surfdog78. from florida. Has been married and divorced three times
    Claims 2B a surfer but cannot ride a wave Jimmy Buffett Wanna a Be
    Tries to date girls half his age
    Raging Alcoholic
    Major Control Freak
    You Can Find him on Pal Talk Site every morning taking care of business
    If you are on there he might be looking at you Girl!
    AND Most Importantly Will give you something Ajax will not wash off.

  116. Leah

    Jody Langley. from Lubbock TX. He is on about every dating sight out there. He is a convicted felon that says he only committed the crime because of a misdosed medication. He lures girls in with his sweet charm and decent looks. He plays off the he is this reborn christian when he is the worst image of christianity anyone could imagine. He was divorced about 6mo ago and I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how many good girls lives he has screwed up. He will promise you the world and produce nothing but lies. He has cheated on me and his just recent ex-girlfriend who is now a very good friend of mine. He used both of us at the same time and tried to use us against each other but it kinda formed a bond between us. If you see him on any dating site stay as clear from him as you possibly can. He is nothing but a lier and a cheat.

  117. SunShine

    Arnold McCue. Known alias : ACE. from New Jersey / Irving TX. Where should i start? He’s a heavy drinker.and abuses you by telling you that your guly & then when he wants some me becomes real nice.
    He even calls you family and tells them all your
    deep secrets.He also does not know how to hold a job.The only thing is that i was the dumd ass for staying as long as i did.
    My Exhusband was the same way. and i did not see the signs.but not for nothing no one should have
    to deal with any kind of abuse.
    I hope that the next woman that goes with these but heads sees the real person they are b-4 its to late.Good luck to all of the girls out there.
    dont let the men take you for granted. make them want you make them work for it.
    I know for myself that i am just a freak magnet.
    And rather be by myself.
    Goo luck to all of you my fellow sisters.

  118. sadinpa

    Greg. Known alias : Jimi Hatt. from Altoona PA. I dated this mam for 5months. Prior to that we communicated for 2 months. Then one day he tells me that he got a bad hair cut and was shaving his hair. He said he would call me later. Never heard from him again.

  119. jtmacy

    geraldomurp. from Minnesota. (BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE )This man started out to be a really nice gentleman but all of a sudden 8 months after we had been going together He seen me on i think it was the singles dating sight In which i did not put myself on their My computer was Hyjacked and i had found my self in other places i didn’t subscribe too I had to ping test everything that came in on email and send it to microsoft And that is how i found out i was hyjacked so had to change my accounts and id Anyway my dearest friend said i was lieing I asked him why he was on the program. and of course i didn’t get an answer from that day on he won’t talk he has lied he is sneekie makes all kinds of excuses What i am thinking is he is exploiting women especially the older ones as they are more vulnerable. So ladies watch out for this guy he has a smooth mouth and will treat you very nice But beware. things change.I still like the old man but now i don’t trust him. beacuse of some of the things he has done since.He made me feel really bad and hurt me mentally. He is a cheap sob also But to get to a new woman he will spend money for roses and etc. Hes the kind of man that makes women not like men.I just wish one day he would talk But he dosen’t know how to comunicate i guess.especially when confronted with something.

  120. teelaelmes

    Robert Thieman. Known alias : Thiemen. from South Carolina/Iowa. He’s a straight up liar. Will tell you what you want to hear. Tell you he wants to marry you but he’s with another girl. He’s basically a cheater. He’ll get your hopes up and your heart ready and then crush both. He DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. He’s selfish.

  121. teelaelmes

    Christopher Allen. Known alias : Chris. from Birch Run Michigan. He’s a drug user a drinker a liar and a cheater. He’ll tell you he loves you but he NEVER EVER really means it. He just wants in your pants. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DATE THIS GUY DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY TIME OF ‘FUN’ WITH HIM.

  122. Missceecee

    Rob. from Ewing NJ. Basically an asshole made me think he really loved me and I could possibly have a future with him. MARRIED TWO KIDS NOT EVER LEAVING HIS WIFE BUT I’M SURE HE’S LOOKING FOR ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND IF HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE ALREADY

  123. tarheelgirl

    Paul Dreher. Known alias : Paul D.. from Bumpass VA. Major liar and alcoholic. Talks on cell phone thru date and constantly texting someone. Very all about himself. WOMANIZER!!

  124. tarheelgirl

    James Locklair. Known alias : Jimmy. from Stone Cold West Ashley. Big time cheater. Living with one girl and sleeping with 3 others. History of cheating on his wives. Got a girl pregnant while married to wife #2. Lies all the time. Always needs to borrow money. Tells you everything you want to hear.

  125. simplyme

    Robert. Known alias : Brat. from Jakarta Simply put. Simply put he just let me wait 4 years before he told me that out long-distance relationship is not gonna work coz he’s marrying another girl his family has arranged him to! what a jerk! He could have told me that 4 years ago…

  126. Momtobe

    Cliff Spencer. from Vincentown NJ. He told me he was single and completely unattached. Later when I got pregnant he admitted he was actually going out with someone who was away at college. He abandonend me and told me never to tell the baby or anyone he was the father or he would make my life hell because he is a cop. A few months later I had a miscarriage and he took me for the surgery because he said felt bad because he heard I was so upset. A week later he told me to never call him again because while all that was going on he asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes. He is a pathological liar and a chronic cheater. Later I found out that a nurse he was also sleeping with was breaking into my medical records for him (I had changed my number and told him to leave me alone and she gave him the new number) He is a complete and total pathological liar.I should have known he was no good because he pulled me over to get my phone number what a jerk off.
    He only stays with the girlfriend because her family is loaded.

  127. sissybrucie

    bruce burke. Known alias : tiny dick. from beverly ma. he says he is straight but wears panties and bras and sucks mens cocks a real sissy and exposes himself in public would rather suck cock then have sex with a women I know I caught him sucking cock in panties and bra what a faggot

  128. amydoe

    Adam Austin Eatherly. Known alias : Adam or Austin. from Houston Texas. no job Lives with his momma no license no ambition doesn’t wear deodorant should i go on?

  129. aldawn

    Eric Freda. Known alias : ebolazaire. from Hopatcong NJ. He is a cheating jerk who will sleep with anyone and lie to your face about it. He’s also a crossdresser and loves to wear women’s underwear and stockings and paint his toenails. Stay away!!

  130. Andrina

    Tim Schell. Known alias : tim. from harrisburgpa. white male.. lazy completly lost without someone guiding him 24/7 and uses whomever he can attach his self to.If by chance you meet him run and dont look back!

  131. Llbit

    Tony Ashlock. from Indianapolis IN. I have to admit I am a little bitter but men are a dime a dozen so next! I started dating this guy and he was wonderful. I was very hesitant at first because I had just gotten out of a two year relationship two weeks prior to meeting him. He persued me. He works on the docks here at my work. Things were great we had our kids involved. He told me he was going to marry me which I never expected that and wasn’t in any hurry. The only issue we ever had was his ex wife. Of course she didn’t like me but never met me. I could understand some of her feelings but she tried to talk bad about me to her kids which I feel was immature and childish. I guess a few weeks before we had ended she had a break down. He didn’t tell me but he went and picked her up and took her to a stress center where she spent a few days. He went and visited her daily and then picked her up and took her home. Three days before he broke things off he told me how happy he was in our relationship and then even had talked to his kids about us all moving in together which I wasn’t pushing either. This was all in his head! Then three days later he comes to me and just says he isn’t ready for something this serious. I never made it that serious. It was him. I am not made that he hurt me. I am maddest about how he hurt my kids. They liked him and grew attached to him and he just left like we didn’t mean anything. I miss his kids! I have found out since then that he is back with the ex wife and I hope they are miserable together!

  132. jennie

    Josh. Known alias : Josh the Jock. from Sin City. Where do I start. Jerk. Selfish. Thinks he is God’s gift to women. Stares at himself in the mirror even when he is driving!!!! Has multiple GF on the side even though he’s married. Run girls

  133. jennie

    Jerry / Gerardo. Known alias : Ass hole. from ATL GEORGIA . Major asshole. Snores so loud he rocks the house and then starts cussing because you don’t want to listen to him drowning in his own spit. Has a very so-so penis and skills but thinks he is all that. And I do mean ALL THAT.. More like NOT! Besides having a mediocre dick he is a cheap ass and he’s rude and crude. He has bumps on his dick too. Major alcoholic. Player.



  135. msdoe

    Randy Cohn. from Florida. Randy lies about being divorced. Since he travels a lot and has a second home he got away with it for a long time. He is a MARRIED cold-harded user who tries to charm his way into your life. He has even posted profiles on internet dating sites. Don’t let this slime anywhere near you he is TOXIC.

  136. EveChaucer

    Brenden Gay. from Everett washington. Never paid for anything EVER when we went out it couldn’t even be considered a real date because we just went to football games( thats all he cares about). His mother is a total bitch and he was so controlling about what i wore. Then he loved to make fun of asians (i’m asian!) and gay people constantly. He was the biggest doucheface idiot!

  137. cookiedough


  138. NiceGirl

    Armenian. Known alias : Mamas Boy. . Where do I start? My ex-boyfriend sucks because:

    1)He lives with his parents at age 27!!!

    2)He doesn’t put in any effort (in terms of shaving cutting his hair clipping his nails brushing his teeth etc.)when I do SOOO many sweet things for him (buy special lingerie cook him dinners give him massages when he’s had a rough day)

    3) Calls me a nag as an excuse to continue to be lazy with his effort in the above mentioned

    4)Makes bullshit excuses not to hang out with me.. AND gets angry when I make suggestions and try to work around the things that prevent him from seeing me

    5)Loves playing video games more than being with me

    6)Listens to his MOMMY whenever she tells him not to see me

    7) Tells me I’m an unstable/insecure person just because I cry when he hurts me.

    8) Tells me I’m clingy and psycho for wanting to spend all my free time with him. Aren’t you supposed to want that when you’re in love?

    9) Thinks that taking me out to decent restaurants and paying for my dinner should make up for him treating me badly.

    10)Doesn’t listen to me. Just says “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” when I try to tell him how much he hurts me… and how much resentment towards him I’ve built up

    11)Tells me that I have a shitty job. Come ON. I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m studying to get into graduate school.

    12) Makes bullshit excuses not to live with me. Tells me we can live together when I’m done with grad school and I get a better job (in four years time)

    13)Changes the topic when I say anything about weddings

    14) Thinks that I’m so easily influenced by Sex and the City. The show’s good and they talk about things that a lot of women have already thought about or experienced. I’m not a tool you ASSHOLE

    15)Always thinks he’s right. Argues about every little thing. If I start winning the argument he’ll just say something insulting

    16) He wants to live next door to his MOMMY- maybe so she can wash his unde

  139. warning

    John Chad Oswald. Known alias : Chad. . I have never done this before. I’m not trying to be bitter. Forget him. But I’ve recently found out that Chad has done this in the past and I felt obligated to warn anyone he may do it to in the future. Wouldn’t it be easier just to sterilize them and stop the cycle?
    Anyway. He is truly a manipulator and a pathological liar. A con artist. When you meet him he’s got a great high paying job and is living in his own place. Then he’s losing his apartment moves in with you (to save money!) and subsequently loses his job. He will live off of you until you rid yourself of him. He’ll drive your car because his is always breaking down. He won’t pay rent or utilities. And guess who pays if you ever want to have a social life? In hindsight I definitely saw it all coming. Especially the possessiveness. He becomes increasingly controlling and jealous. No drinks with the girls for you. There’ll be boys there! And he’ll call your work to make sure you’re really there. All very embarrassing. I happen to be a very independent person and soon found him pathetic so I didn’t let it go on too long. Although his increasing violence made it very difficult to actually remove him physically from my apartment. It ended very badly and very violently. And he harassed me for quite a while. Literally 73 phone calls in one day. Then I found out that he had accessed my cell phone account email account even my voicemail and was tracking everyone I was talking to. He then proceeded to call several of my close friends incessantly. And he called a few of my male friends and threatened them. I have a Psychology degree and can tell you his behavior qualifies as psychotic. And I was scared. So I went to the police and eventually he tapered off. As it turns out he has been in a great deal of trouble before and since (although not during). He owes many people a lot of money. No wonder he doesn’t stay in one place too long!
    Anyway. Just be careful. There are a ton of these creeps out

  140. Kristen

    Mark R. Ferragamo. Known alias : Mark. . Where to start. While together he cheated on me with two other women one which was my roomate for two years! Then he would make me think i was crazy when i would confront him! He took me for every cent i had and then when i needed him most he left me! He’s a 39 year old man who slept with my psycho house mate a 21 year old southie slut( who already has a kid from another man who isn’t around) this is what you get from a man who comes off as a charmer until the funds run out and he has nothing more to take from you!!!!!! oh and i guess Karma is a bitch because he’s now stuck with the 21 year old because he just knocked her up thank god payback in my lifetime! Girls be on the look out for this loser!!!!! He doesn’t want a woman who will love him he wants ass! And to top it off he does truly suck in bed! Not saying that just cause he screwed me he thinks he’s 20 in a nike jumpsuit! What was i thinking wasting three years of my life and the sucky thing is that i gave him not only everything i gave him my heart!

  141. billie


  142. trixieanne

    Rob Lapointe. from Montreal quebec. i have read the book How to spot a dangerous man by Sandra Brown (should be read by all women)
    My ex is dangerous I was the red flags a few days after we met but ignored them he is too needy and when I asked to slow things down he became nasty and then contacted me two weeks later to say how he missed me …let us not forget the ex rated pics he sent me while I was at work pics of himself masturbating..ok that should have been the end of that……
    When he realized that I started to see the truth of how he was he needed to get away from me and try to find a new victime. He is controlling manipulative and uses woman ..please please any woman from Montreal who meets him …please run.

  143. junecar

    Bruce Adams. from Laconia NH. He is into HEAVY drug use is abusive lies cheats and steals. Has done jail time for stealing now a felon. Failed a cavity search in jail. Emotionally abusive. Can’t hold a job or a place to live.

  144. niceandeasy

    mark. from stillwater minnesota. This man has completely unwarranted delusions of grandeur.Thinks he’s better than everyone else when he isn’t is verbally abusive hateful cheap and selfish in bed. Will come across as charming and caring at first but once you care about him turns into a complete prick. If you have the misfortune of meeting him turn and run the other way as fast as you can.

  145. islandgirl

    Jeff Wooten. Known alias : Big Woo. from Tampa FL. Unless you you want to date a 35 almost 36 year old momma’s boy (lives w/mom) and has spent all his life like a leaf in the wind that drinks way too much all the time and smokes way too much all the time has no regard for your feelings and that rambles on for hours yet says he hates to talk on the phone(while you date him Long distance) who never will visit you nor buy you cards but will feed you (at his moms with her help)if you are willing to drive 4 hours and he thinks when youre in a relationship that you should support yourself and not expect encouragement from him such as remembering that you had an interview for a job that would move you back to be with him never tells you he misses you or loves you unless you bring it up first if you move he wont help you bcs he is too sad and would rather you lift all the heavy boxes but if you are willing have nonstop “relations” and not care how he treats you then go for it.

  146. Annieone

    John Spaur. from Los Gatos CA. He is an egocentric commitment-phobe. He will date you for about a year and be really good to you. Feed you all these gourmet meals but then when it’s time to start asking about where it’s all going he will balk! He also smokes pot daily and this guy is 57 years old! He is only interested in what he wants to do and will not make much effort to come in to your life. You will have to do all the work of going into HIS life going to HIS house and doing what HE wants to do. He is extremely immature and pretentious. He also is very shallow and has nothing but women friends who use him… and he lets them. And he won’t help you out when you need help. Pass on this guy! You can do much better!

  147. sugarBABE

    Simon Binkhurst. Known alias : Babe. from Brisbane QLD. This guy is not a man he played around when we first had children with some young whore while I was raising his children. He came back I let him stay should have said NO. He ends up tracking down his old affair and tried to tell me he wanted to be her friend he was sending/getting slutty SMS to some bimbo. Should have let her keep the @*&@wit to start with don’t know why I tried so hard when he just is a professional con man. Wanted nothing but to satisfy his own needs now he will not see his children again. I told him not to hurt me. Why? what does she offer that is better?

  148. shellin

    John Frainee. Known alias : Lil John. from Redlands California. This guy is the worst kind of player! He will start off telling you how he used to be a player and since he had a terrible battle with cancer he has found the lord and changed his ways. He started out talking about the bible and praying with me and before I knew it he was sending me dirty text messages and wanting to have phone sex. Not the real thing because he was afraid of God. What kind of crap is that.
    Things progressed and he would come by my house unannounced and was always trying to get my kids to like him (side note: luckily I keep my girls clear of whomever I am involved with so they had minimal contact). During his visits he would shove his tongue down my throat and then run off because he was afraid if he stayed we may have sex…
    Finally my ex who wanted to get back togehter (another winner) confronted him and this jerk off told him that he was just being nice to me because I had feelings for him and he didn’t want to hurt my feelings…Now he is dating one of my EX best friends…and Heaven knows who else! What a creep!!!!

  149. MadnessInc

    Richard Walker. Known alias : Rich. . Well what does one say about this asshole? Let’s start at the begining The Sperm Donor as he shall henceforth be known and I got divorced 4 years ago and we got along well considering for the sake of our 3 children. We communicated for their sake and this worked well for us and the kids. That is until he started screwing the ugly bucktoothed whore next door to his house. (he forgot rule no.1…. never fuck the neighbours especially when you own your house and can’t move when things go bad) Anyway the buck toothed whore filled his head with bullshit regarding his kids and me and we now don’t communicate so well. He has stopped paying his Child Support hasn’t paid that innearly 5 months and now he is trying to claim 23% of my pension by lieing and saying he has the kids every second weekend and half the school holidays. What a useless C*nt seriously. Obviously the best thing I ever did was divorcing his sorry ass.On the bright side the buck toothed whore not only spends his hard earned money but is pregnant with a baby girl that he doesn’t want. Steer clear of this one ladies he’ll suck you in with stories about how his ex-wife failed him and then he’ll treat you like a whore. I hope he gets Gonorrhea and his tiny little cock falls off 😀

  150. bennyhenny

    Carl Teske. Known alias : Camel. from Teske Queensland. Together nearly 4 years. Love of my life planning on marrying. Compulsive Liar for the last year. Told me he needed time to himself and moved interstate. I completely supported his move. Found out via his email account that he was living in a completely different state with his new GF. They had been together 8 months. Broke up Xmas eve. Haven’t seen him since. Told his new GF she didn’t care. She is also 5 years older than him in her 30s. Complete and utter loser. Still so hurt however. ;

  151. daddysgirl

    Houston Noah. Known alias : No. . One beacause he’s a user abuser and loser. I broke up with him in November then was stupid enough to go back out with him later to find out the whole two months we went back out was just to break up with me and get back at me for breaking up with him the first time.

  152. mylidian

    jeffery ballance. Known alias : jeff. from Warren TX. he plays on your heart and does everything a girl could ask for then hmmm you really thought a guy like that was still left wronge again its all a mask then after he has you it all changes

  153. neveah

    Elijah (Terrance) Chinn. Known alias : Tito. from Columbus OH. Avoid at all cost. He is a habitual lying sociopath who is suspected of being married. Aside from the emmotional and verbal abuse he will attempt to guilt you in to buying him expensive gifts and when you don’t he will accuse you of not loving him. Oh…and he will get you pregnant and dump you like a piece of garbage without a second thought after he accuses you of being a whore.

  154. Disposable

    Jim Butner Jr. Known alias : James. from 30-30 Lexington. He is a manipulator and a user ! He will cheat on you lie to you and all the while telling you he loves you and wants to make a home together. YOU do all the driving AND all the PAYING with him. Then when he’s done with you; he will turn from Mr. Lovable into Mr. Asshole in about 2 seconds and kick you to the curb with an 8 word phrase– ” You’re disposable–Go away-Just leave me alone.” He runs with a 2 faced BITCH that’s 20 years older then him just because SHE has money….gee what a surprise.
    He has a mother fixation that’s unhealthy for a 50 yr old (man?). And he WILL rip your heart to shreds.

    If you run into him—-RUNNNNNN !

  155. shaunamarie

    stan downing. Known alias : stan the man. from glasford IL. he was recently found in bed with his best friends g/f YA! and he was trying to play me with this other girl and when cought thought we should have a threesome cause were both so good he cant decide!!!

  156. terriduarte

    Rod Stanojevic. Known alias : Radisa. from Sydney Australia. He is a closet homosexual with a very low sex drive. Once scorned will take you to court so you end up in a whole world of debt but hey as his parents are millionaires he doesn’t have to worry you just end up with all the legals and no sex life through out the whole relationship. He needs to stop being scared off his mum and come out of the closet!

  157. kianna

    dave ames. Known alias : boogy. from Hornell ny. he wasnt really a boyfriend more of a friend of benefits and such but i was beginning to like him i just found out that when he was calling me at 2am to come over he also has had a girlfriend the last couple of weeks. he is scum who doesnt care who he sleeps with and he will sleep with up to 4 different women at once i have found out. stay away from him as he is just a man whore who doesnt use protection. if you have slept with him go get tested.

  158. meggon

    Toby Sisk. from Central Illinois. Hes a charmer. Dont believe a thing he says. All he does is lie cheat steal drink do drugs hit women doesnt work and doesnt take care of his kids. Hes a loser. A short stubby little loser! Hes not very tall either!

  159. amyalexis

    nails. Known alias : aa. from Hatfield PA. STAY AWAY!! He will be sweet as pie and a dream come true for about the first few months even cook you dinner and be romantic and get you drinks etc… then his true colors start to show. He is looking for a mother not a wife. He wants a slave that will cater to his every need but expect nothing in return. He is also a cheater an alcoholic and has used cocaine and other drugs in the past and wouldn’t dought it if he started up again. He is very immature. He does not know how to hang out with a woman as a friend. He only ever makes plans with his male friends. It was sooo bad I thought he was gay – maybe he is I don’t know. However what I do know for sure is that to him A woman is only there to cook him dinner clean the house do his laundry and please HIM sexually (you get nothing in return) and that is it. he wants a stepford wife. He is also very emotionally abusive. Unless he grows up and learns how to be with a woman do not go near this man as he is immature and a player and has alot to learn about relationships with a woman (and do not try to be the one to change him – that’s the trap I fell into. I am trying to save you years of heartache – he won’t change and it is not you he is the problem- just leave him be).





  162. buckytat

    Jeff Wooten. Known alias : Zoomer. from Currently Harrisburg/Concord NC. Be careful–he has the “victim” role down to an art. He pulled it on me with stories of his ex wife but then he got me pregnant in a fit of rage one night. He made promises that everything would be okay and he seemed to want to change but 3 days after I moved in with him (he had asked for months that I do so) he told me to go sleep on the couch go find somewhere else to live and ended it all in yanking me around and shoving me out the door(at 4am in 30 degree weather) while I was 5 months pregnant. He feels he is justified in what he did but he has no regard for ANYONE other than himself. Long story short stay away from this asshole…his words and initial acts of kindness are lies.

  163. spacecowgirl

    Chance Pollock. Known alias : Fat Squirral. from Schenectady NY. This guy will make you feel like your the best and for eight or more years you will think he is in it for the long haul. but he has a taste for crack ho’s and he will throw everything away for one or more. and now he is a crackhead. be carful he is into bondage but doesn’t clean his toys so they smell like the last ho.

  164. thatgirl

    Devin Hassan. Known alias : Devlin. from Phoenix AZ and San Francisco. He is an abusive lazy man. We had a child together he did nothing to help with my son. He has mental problems…schizophrenia being one of them. I ended up leaving him to go live with my parents and he couldn’t care less if he ever saw his son again. He used me for money and w/e else he could get from me. Please be careful to not get involved with him. Hes currently pretending to be sick in order to have a place to stay because he is homeless.

  165. SexyRN

    Jarred Spencers. from Fort Collins CO. We were together for almost 4 years. He abused me nearly the entire time even when I was pregnant. He was emotionally and physically abusive. I urge anyone in a relationship with him to GET OUT! I want to warn everyone so that they don’t experience what I did. I have 2 children that he donated sperm for. He is lazy and owes me $13 400 in back child support. Fortunately for my children and I he hasn’t showed interest in seeing the kids and has not seen them since my youngest was 2 weeks old and he is almost 7 years old. PlEASE ladies! Stay away from this guy. He is a black belt in karate and uses it on YOU! Don’t get hurt just avoid him. He is a loser.

  166. annieiscrazy

    Kevin Cossette. Known alias : Depends on which enemy you ask. from Fargo ND. Loser Loser and Loser!!! Golddigger cheater mooch the list goes on and on. For every potential friend he meets he makes at least 5 enemies. He beats animals and women and is the most selfish person you would ever meet!

  167. deceptions

    Michael Voogd Jr.. Known alias : Mikey. from Altoona IA. He’s more of a door mat than anything. He solves a problem by buying something. If we had an argument he would not discuss it or argue with me he would just buy me something and then think that the problem is resolved. He also lied from the beginning. He didn’t take his hat off in the beginning of our relationship and then after about 6 months he did and he was balding badly. He also used to shave his back and stomach when we first got together and after a year he stopped and pretended as if nothing had changed. He also was very quiet and rarely talked to anyone other than his few friends and his family. He was a HUGE momma’s boy and would do anything his crazy mother asked him to do. His mother would treat me crappy and he wouldn’t stand up for me. His sister would do the same and he wouldn’t stand up for me either. He never wanted to go out or leave the house he always wanted to design things on the computer or play video games. He would only go out if I threw a big fit and whined to go out then he finally would but he would be quiet the whole time and wouldn’t really have a good time. He was way too into collecting video games ones he didn’t even play. And Magic the Gathering (that’s a kiddie game!) and he still played it and tried to make me play it with him and friends. And he also collected alcohol. He thought that buying stuff would solve his and my problems. He wasn’t abusive but he would talk down to me sometimes. But mostly he was a door mat. He let anyone and everyone walk all over him. It was not a relationship it was like dating your brother who is bald coated in back hair buying you whatever you want if you fuss enough. Some may say the perfect man.. I say a furry door mat.

  168. deceptions

    Michael Alter. Known alias : Mike. from Burlington IA. He is a little guy with that standard little man complext try to act tough and pretend you’re bigger and badder than any other man around. Though he’s not. When we dated he smoked pot everyday & then some. He would also drink all the time and drive while drunk. I’m suprised he didn’t get caught. He tried to make me be friends with all his ex-girlfriends and tried to get me to have threesomes with him and some of the ex-girlfriends and would be angry when I refused. He would boss me around and try to make me not hang out with my friends. He tried to turn me against my friends sometimes it worked. He would be rude and mean to my friends so they wouldn’t come over. I took care of him and the bills while we lived together and he barely did anything. The longest job he held while we were together was mowing lawns for a guy who paid him in beer & pot. He was the biggest momma’s boy ever and would do anything his mom asked him to do at the drop of a hat. His mom was a big druggie so she would ask him for help all the time up to 20 times a day! He would try to belittle me and call me names a lot and make me feel like I wasn’t worthy of him. He would try and act like he was smarter than me all of the time. He would lie to me say he got fired from a job when he really quit. He would take 2+ hours to do things that should only take 15 minutes. Or when he would tell me he would be home at a certain time he would be 2+ hours late. He snooped through my computer and cell phone for ‘evidence’ which wasn’t there. He was verbally abusive especially when drinking. He was secretly bi and cheated on me with another man and now admits that he is bisexual but refuses to admit he ever cheated on me. He’s disgusting and a liar and an idiot and a momma’s boy still.

  169. deceptions

    Jonnathan Hoffman. Known alias : Paco. from Modesto CA. Because he has a crazy ex-wife. 3 Children (2 which he claims) he doesn’t pay child support. He can’t hold a job for more than a few months and even then he blows his paychecks on booze and drugs. He is bi-polar and manic depressive. He’s a compulsive liar. He’s a stalker. He’s a cheater. He’s mentally and physically abusive. He plays like he’s romantic and a charmer and once you get to know him he will control your life and remove all your friends from it (by threatening them) and he will even stalk your family. He has left dirty messages on my sister & mother’s answering machines. When I first got rid of him (for almost choking me to death) he would call my cell phone 40+ times a day. He used to stand outside my apartment window and stare at me. He slashed my tires more than a few times. He had crazy druggy ex-girlfriends one pulled a butter knife on me. (Yes a butter knife) He didn’t have a license most of the time due to haveing DUI/OWI’s. He cheated on me with any woman he could get his hands on (he prefered over weight women or ugly women so if they would tell me he cheated on me with them I wouldn’t believe them). He made promises he never kept. He was violent and agressive. He kicked the window out of my car once. He broke a rocking chair once. He couldn’t cook and wouldn’t even attempt to try. He didn’t know how to pay a bill on time. He thought he was god’s gift to women. He thought he knew everything. He was a wannabe gangster. He even treated his only family like crap and lied to them as much as me. He pretended to know Spanish and claimed he was part Hispanic though he wasn’t. He hid a gun in the house and when I found it it was just a BB gun and he tried to make me believe it was a real gun. He pulled the BB gun on one of my friends and scared him really bad and my friend wouldn’t come over anymore. He still stalks me whenever he finds the means possible!

  170. sillybananna

    David MacEwan. from Siloam Springs AR. Where should I start?!?! How about 5 ex wives 7 known children 10’s of thousands of dollars in past child support and a pathological liar. Sure he’s prince charming when you meet him but it sure doesn’t last long!

  171. tommysgirl


  172. LeAnn

    Steven Whitlock. Known alias : Steve. from Steve-o Witty. i guess the main thing is that he’s sexually abusive. son’t ever let a man do taht to you. i stuck it out for almost a year and then i got the guts to leave him. (i’ve been with my current guy for 1 yr 7 months) anyway he messed me up pretty badly–i still can’t go to a doctor without crying because it reminds me so much of the abuse.

  173. peaches

    Bradley Monebrake. Known alias : Moby. from Camden Ohio. He’s a big liar and cheater…Two face jerk and he will metal abused you and stalking big time. He won’t leave me alone when i tell him I am through and he threat me with a blackmailed with a stupid porn pic…He get accented on my cell phone when I change my number five time and still does…no matter where you at he find you and stalked you…He talks other women without me knowing anything while I work and having sex with them..I had miscarriage last year he never paid the bill and won’t I am the one paid it for all…everytime we go out I am the one pay for everything he usually don’t and he is a mama’s boy big time…He gets me away from my parents and brainwashes me about them…I hate him for all the things he does and I never wanna to marry him at all I am glad I didn’t…He has tortured me long enough with his controlling and temper acts…He has no sense of knowing what love is all he know was lust and sex everytime I am tired of it..I wish he leave me alone and go away…I am through…..I want my own self back the way I was and the way I use to be…..Not like he want me to be….He will physcially mental abused you…..

  174. rockstar

    Jeffrey Scamardo. Known alias : Jeff. from Lakewood Oh. STAY away from this guy! He is a liar a cheater alcoholic drug user and he uses people. He has never has a stable place to live and he uses people for a place to stay. I was with him for almost 3 years and he pretty much cheated on me the whole time. And the worst part I had no idea until AFTER I broke up with him. He will abuse you mentally and make you feel worthless. I was stupid to stay so long but i think I was just used to him. Ugh. BEWARE!



  176. sweeettater

    Joe Fradl. Known alias : zukrider; the dread pirate Joe. from Dayton Ohio. This dude is smooth but beware. He’s a thief liar won’t hold a job for any length of time verbally abusive mistreats animals while stating he’s an animal lover and the list goes on. His FOURTH wife accussed him of child abuse of her teenage daughter. He’s a cheater and a male whore. He will flash those big brown eyes and lie to you at every opportunity. He’s listed on multiple singles sites and has multiple email addresses and alias’s. I have listed a couple of alias’s. BEWARE of this guy. He’s nothing but trouble.

  177. Dyna

    Brandon Medlin. from Last known Ridgecrest Ca. He blongs on this warning list because he comes off real sweet but BEWARE. He will act as if everything bad in his life was someone elses fault. Beware ladies he has abandoned 2 children already. He sent me and his daughter away to visit family. While I was gone he sold all my stuff for drugs didnt send me a dime and moved tweekers in my home. He left us homeless and to fend for ourselves and told me I couldnt come back to my home because there were drugs there. Where the hell was I supposed to go jerk!!! He has been in and out of prison his entire life. He can manipulate with the best but dont buy it. Big beware when I met him I owned a home and was financially secure. Now I have nothing just my daughter my dog and the 3 suitcases I left with. He will stick around until he has taken everything from you and when your sucked dry he will be gone.

  178. marymo

    Timothy Bomar. Known alias : Tim. from Davenport IA and Lancaster. Tim and I had been dating for about 3 months things were great he told me he loved me (which should have been my first clue right? and he went back to Ohio to help his mom out after she had surgery. So I hadn’t heard from him in about a month which ticked me off anyway and then yesterday he emailed me on myspace and told me he had moved back to Ohio permanently. Without saying a word. He also said that he still loves me and that maybe some day we’ll be together again. I doubt that.

  179. ihatekev

    kevin grazier. Known alias : kdogg. from kev holton. he is great in the begining. we have 2 kids together. we split up then he said he wanted to work things out. i leave my family which by the way are not talking to me because of him i move in with him then find out he found a new girlfriend and still lied to me after i found out. and i think all mothers can agree i got mad when he took my kids to her house and spent the nite and he couldnt believe i was mad. he talked down to me made me feel like shit. he is a cheater and a mental abuser so have caution with this one ladies. please no one deserves what he did except mayby his new girlfriend wich by the way knew about me

  180. nomorepain

    christopher ryan qualls. Known alias : ryan. from zephyrhills fl. this isnt my ex it’s my friend lizzy’s ex. he’s a drug abuser broke bitch and a total loser! if you run into him throw rocks please! this guy put lizzy through so much bullshit its not even funny. he has hit her raped her got her addicted to drugs and all kinds of other really really bad shit. girls please…. run him over

  181. nomorepain

    kurt spencer. from zephyrhills fl. kurt sucks as a person. he has no goals no morals and no good intentions. please do not be fooled by his “charm” (if you could even call it that) there isnt enough time or space to describe everything he put me through. i dont care who you are you deserve better than him. i know i do

  182. NewDrug

    Terry Heiden. from Chicago Illinois. Terry is addicted to internet porn. He actually used my dead grandmother’s laptop to look at porn. I also caught him using my desktop to look at porn. Shortly after that my computer crashed and I had to buy a new hard drive. He also is a huge pothead and spends most of his money on pot. He never would go out anywhere. He’d rather sit at home and smoke pot while watching cartoons.

  183. sandradarice

    Patrick A. Ellenberger. from Apollo PA. He can’t keep his hands off other women! After so many years together he decided he needed a girlfriend half his age took the house all the money and even stuff that belonged to the kids! He cares about no one but himself! Stay away…FAR AWAY!

  184. Free

    Ken Longworth. Known alias : Ken. from Kenneth or William Calgary. He Cheats!Doesn’t pay support for any of his children. Abusive!!! Into drugs and kiddie porn! Stay away far away from this so called man. If you cannot use birth control and don’t allow video cameras in the house. He will film you without your knowledge and post it on-line!!!!

  185. chrislyn

    Christopher J alcock. from winnipeg. Just stay away needy needy needy. Dumped me twice before my birthday Nov 4th and then came back after feb 14th tell you what kinda guy. Blames me for everything and called my younger sister to comfort him. Needy jerk. Has no back bone when it comes to support and being a real man he also is a little creepy close with his bro. This guy will take all you got and then leave also a comittment phob and he will cry about how much he has been hurt give it a rest I say. if you want a real man dont look here.

  186. champagneivy

    Jovan. from Los Angeles. Really charming sweet guy at first. The PERFECT man… well look out! Total wanker! Manipulator liar cheater ego-centric ass and in a word… ASSHOLE!!!! Unless you like it when your boyfriend calls you a fucking bitch and if you like it when he throws heavy objects at you and if you like it when your boyfriend screams that he HATES YOU then STAY AWAY! He broke up with me when I stopped putting up with his shit then tried to beg me back and THEN the asshole started emailing my family members talking shit about me and how I dumped him for another guy!! Cheater liar manipulator heart breaker emotionally and mentally abusive PRICK!!!

  187. RettaLynn

    Shawn Shippee. Known alias : Shippee. from MASS. I want who ever is telling Shawn that I have posted here to e-mail me…! I did not post him to get even! I did not post him in a womans world because I wanted to deal with him knowing I was hurt! I thought it would be safe in a WOMANS world. I needed to talk and let things out. He conacted my son’s dad (They are great friends) about this. Who is the snitch that came in to men suck just to tell the man who hurt me things. It is woman like you that cause us to have these problems with UN FAITHFUL men. Are you sleeping with him now? He denies NOTHING that I wrote and if you want to be involved with him than you do that…you DESERVE him honey!!! So like I said..If you or anyone else wants to question my pain..than e-mail me!

  188. SickOfItAll

    matt. from toronto on. put it this way… 3 years of disprespect no appreciation put downs 2 physical attacks alcoholism cheating (2wice that i know of) checks out other girls while we’re together all around treated me like dirt after i gave him everything and did EVERYTHING for him… men are all assholes

  189. angelilah

    Mark. Known alias : Giddy. . He made me fall deeply in love with him and messed with my head big time. Before I knew it he owned me and to me it was normal life…i still miss him but I’m learning to grow after all I’m better off without him:(

  190. odnealr

    Pete (Piet) Van Es. Known alias : jack ass. from Gainesville Texas / Lewisville. He’s a cheater a liar a woman beater and a thief not to mention a known drug addict

  191. RettaLynn

    Shawn Shippee. Known alias : Shippee or Shipster. from Haverhill Ma. He is an alcholic with a real dark side. He quit working when he moved in with me and cheated on me with a FAT FAT NASTY girl named BETSY (the cow) while I was at work. The worst part is I was her manager at Wendy’s. Has a violent record and has done lots of time…He will sleep with anything anywhere at anytime. He is now in Dover NH and has jus confessed while trying to get me back that he slept with his best friends girlfriend. Which ironicly enough I suspected he had done when we were together. He says no still saying that he just slept with her recently. He has some strong mental issues…stay away if you are smart.

  192. lovesucks

    Robert J.Dubois. Known alias : Rob and Bob. from Buffalo MN. Nasty rotten attitude.Cheater and a big fat liar.Stay away from him if you are sane.Insane people will make a perfect match.He loves old wrinkled women.Warning to all the nice woman out there;Run the other way if you ever run itto this cheating pig.

  193. bichcakes

    Terry Membrey. Known alias : scamking. from . Huge drug dealer heaps of $ and full of SHIT! Treated me like gold for years but I knew he was cheating with a speed skank as well. Addicted to heroin for a bit then back to speed coke and smoke. Lies cheats very insecure IMO b/c he cried when I moved but DID DIRTY SHIT TO ME ! BAD BAD BAD If u like drugs and cheaters u will like him but he is a loser n wankstick after the shit i went thru due to him.

  194. andanda

    Muhammed Aldeen. Known alias : Moe. from Milpitas CA. Very charming and perfect man for the first couple of months. He is an extremist muslim abusive cheater and bipolar. A compulsive lier.Very cheap also

  195. Lucky

    Rocky G. Known alias : ROK. from Orange CA. He’s a USER Liar & Cheater. He is selfish & stubburn. He doesnt care about anybody but himself. He thinks he can play with girls minds & it works for him. Watch out– He’s nice looking but he’s the DEVIL!

  196. KMG

    Mike Jones. from SALEMNH. He likes the coke whores better than real women. Women beware….he might seem sweet but he is a liar cheat and will tell you more excuses on why he did not call or why he could not make it!!

  197. xxkelxx

    matt coates. Known alias : coates. . fuck me i dno if he deserves 2 even be on this list after hearin about the rest of them what fuckin wankers. matt broke my heart but he’s a saint compared 2 these guys. so what fuckin hope does that give us women if even saints cant make us happy?

  198. thewife

    Jeremiah Lynn Parker. Known alias : Jer. from Jeremy Tim”. He’s a pathalogical liar. He’s an adulterer. He ABANDONDED his wife daughter home job and all responsibilities. He’s telling everyone he’s divorced when HE’S STILL MARRIED! He’s addicted to porn and video games. He KILLED not 1 or 2 but TWELVE of my dogs because he was too busy jacking off to porn and playing video games to feed / water or go home for 5 minutes a day. He’s been caught for PEEPING before but the cult he grew up in just hid it from everyone even though everyone knew about it. His new girlfriend JENNA has been told he’s STILL MARRIED but apparently she thinks he won’t do it to her. Sorry to tell you JENNA but he’s already cheating on you with a blonde! Stay away from this looser! He likes to hang out at rodeo’s and professes he’s a ‘GOOD CHRISTIAN’ but we all know that’s a lie! A real MAN wouldn’t have abandonded his wife / child / home / job etc! You poor women out there BEWARE! Unfortunately he’s good at lying in the beginning but all he is is a porn addict a murderer an adulterer and an abandoner!

  199. xxkelxx

    Matthew Coates. Known alias : Coates. from Chelmsford/Loughborough. Weak. Arrogant. Wanker. He said he wanted to marry me and two weeks later told me he decided he didn’t love me anymore. Then proceeded to LAUGH at me along with his friends whenever i got upset that he’d BROKEN MY HEART. He isnt a cheater but he’s a complete fucking coward who clearly loves himself far too much.

  200. y

    Christopher Johnson. Known alias : Mark. from Mount AIry NC. Warning ladies—–this creep has HERPES!!!
    That’s right he is infected!!!!! BE VERY CAREFUL!! ANd warn all your friends!! DOn’t let innocent women get it!!!

  201. danigirl

    Robert Mcgraw. Known alias : rob. from evansville IN. in the two years we were together he cheated on me twice and each time i forgave him. he hit me a few times and was a compulsive liar…warning stay away

  202. MenShouldRot

    Travis Koch. Known alias : Big Worm and TK. from Brandon SD. He is a compulsive liar a CHEATER and couldnt commit to a pet let alone a women. He married me and 5 months later said he didnt love me anymore. The whole time getting his ROCKS OFF everywhere but our marital bed!

  203. MissTrust

    Shawn Cobb. Known alias : roadkill. from Algonac MI. This man is a professional liar. If he gets backed into a corner and cant lie his way out he will turn the conversation completely around to make you look like your the one thats wrong. He is a player. He will lie about why he broke up with any ex’s and its all a lie. He CANT just be with one woman! He is on all kinds of perverse sex sites always looking for casual sex. He is a master munipulator. Ladies beware. Be VERY afraid. Its only a matter of time before this guy is spreading STDs all over the earth if hes not already.

  204. lollypop



  205. brokenhrt

    Alejandro R. Torres. Known alias : Alex or Alrotova. from Miami/Boca Raton FL. This guy takes the cake. I wasted 7 yrs of my life with a commitment phobe. Very critical has no idea about how to love a woman or be romantic. Massive trust issues with the world. In arguments will go out of his way to make you feel like you’re an idiot. Also he is an ex convict who only got where he is currently because of his Daddy.

  206. afsahneh

    William Lawless. from Lafeyette LA. He is a pathological liar. He is constantly looking for the bigger better deal while in a relationship. He will even go so far as to propose but hes never serious. He waits until the girl moves away then dumps them when he finds something better.

  207. kittyraven

    andy. Known alias : andrew. from Waxahachie TX. He is a liar he doesnt understand women hes too bossy and he just makes me really mad! I really loved him and that ment nothing at all to him.

  208. gypsypet


  209. she

    Jay Sall. Known alias : Jiz. from Miami FL. Stay away from this one. He will chew you up and spit you out and enjoy hurting you over and over financially emotionally – in any way possible!

  210. Becca

    Trever. Known alias : Hotshot. from Babe Las Vegas. He’s a cheater!! He slept with my best friend in my bed on my birhtday. He has no moral beware he will cheat on you with someone close to you in any given time. And IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! He’s just a sex-freak (in a bad way).

  211. Jence

    Nicholas. Known alias : Nicky. from London UK. He had sex with my best friend! when i found out he begged for my forgiveness when i forgave him and got back with him he told his friends that i had begged to get back with him and then he went on to cheat on me with another claiming to me all along that they were just friends and hiding any evidence that proved otherwise…
    He’s a good person and can treat a woman well but when he knows you feel secure that is when he will begin to hurt you slowly
    BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. lunagirl

    nathan till. Known alias : nate. mean ol nate. from raleigh nc. we broke up and he moved out…everything good right?? no!! first off he moved out in the middle of the night while i was at work and he took a tv that he had given me for my birthday. he took the washer and dryer (no big suprise there seeing as how he took the tv) then to top it all of he had the power and water cut off before i had it switched to my name and without telling me! he just acted like a small child by getting all pissed off because i broke up with him. argh!!!

  213. poweredfem

    manuel antonio figueroa. Known alias : tony. from seattle wa. you are the biggest f*cking loser i know. i want nothing more than to bash your face into a wall so you can experience the pain you have caused me. Your are nothing more than sorry mother f*cking broke ass b*tch that needs to lie to people in order to get thier money. you f*cking told me you loved me so i could “filler’ up” with gas and so i could feed your fucking face that looks like ass. I cant even describe the hate i have for you. it is not only hate but also pure disgust. I cant believe what an evil person you have turned into. i hope your venom never gets within inches of me like when i have let you back into my life the many times before. you dont deserve anything not even your family. i suggest you run back to las vegas before you use them too. youre a f*cking creep and no one even wants to be around you.

  214. briwill

    Juan Diaz. Known alias : Tito. from Chicago IL. Untruthful selfish inconsiderate insulting and can’t commit…who has since contracted herpes since the split-sweet.He’s a cop shoulda new better.

  215. piri

    Urs Bachmann. from Zürich Switzerland. If you ever happen to visit Zürich DON’T hook up with Urs Bachmann. He had me writing about a thousand (no shit at least 200) short messages from my cell from abroad before he figured out that I’m not exciting enough for him…Geez and I was stupid enough to fall for him…He also gave me a bladder infection. So watch out!!!

  216. copper

    Danny Koons. from Orange CA. he was so sweet at first and told me everything that i wanted to hear. the problem is that he lied about it all and ended up cheating with someone else in the same class as us

  217. maribou

    david velez. Known alias : boriquen. from puerto rico and houston. this guy was so sweet and loving that he has me tattooed on him twice!! then he goes to jail for 11 months i wit like the good girl that i am and not even a month later he tells me that he needs to get his life on track without me in the way. when everything is better we will live together again. next thing i know i’m treated like the other woman because he found another woman!!! he calls and says he’s coming over to be w/ me and the kids and doesn’t show. only comes over if he wants something. Bastard!!! watch out for him!!! he think he has game!!! SIKE!!

  218. freeborn

    thomas m hutchins. Known alias : hutch or micheal. from Austin Texas. I dated him for six months he kept telling me he loved me and everything would be better just trust him. Then he started to disappear without any explanation but that it was for his business. Yeah right he was out doing drugs everytime he could. Then once we break up he still insists he loves me does love mean lying breaking promise after promise being rude to parents and telling you to shut up? I think not. Then he gos on and on about how good of a person he is and how he never lies as if I have no memory of the truth. All the blame he puts on his ex-wife is probably nonsense too. I feel horrible for her at least I had the sense to get out but I warn you every word he says is a lie.

  219. thebabymama

    Nathan Nipper. from Indiana. Grr I am sick of calling my ex to tell him about his son and he is so wrapped up in these females that he cant pick up the phone for two seconds. He is a jerk and girls if you think about dating him he will treat you like gold till you either change something about yourself or get knocked up by him. He is dating this girl who is pregnant by another man but will not take care of his child. He told me to have an abortion when he found out i was pregnant. He is a chovanistic pig. not to mention he doesnt pay child support or even spend much time with his son.

  220. thebabymama

    Nathan Nipper. from Indiana. My ex belongs on this list because he is a pig. He only keeps in touch with his son when he does not have a girlfriend. His girls come before his own son. I think it is bull our son has asthma and has been really sick on and off he is only 9 months old. His dad thinks that he makes the rules and he can do whatever he wants. I didnt have a sitter this weekend and he decided that our son was my responsibility this weekend so i had to call off work. He is only a dad when it is convient and I am sick of it. Its time to grow up.

  221. fedupmilf

    Eddie Senger. from Norridge IL. I’m actually writing this about my daughters father…we dated 4 a little over a yr. 10yrs. ago but shortly after we broke up I found out I was pregnant & so I told him needless 2 say he disappeared the entire time I was pregnant & was in his daughters life 4 about a wk. after she was born. Here we are 9yrs. later I finally got a court-order 4 child support that he pays (only cuz he has 2) but he still has not seen or tried 2 contact his daughter! He also has 2 other children w/2 different women that he does take care of!?! He also did cheat on me during our relationship! He’s a scum-bag that I would not wish upon any woman!

  222. tuscanbeauty

    Sam Mccready. Known alias : Sammy. from Owings Mills MD. This wannabe playa boy cheated on me in our home on our sofa and videotaped it over my babyshower tape…yes ladies he cheated while I was 7months pregnant with our son. It doesn’t get any dirtier than that.

  223. blicious

    solomon lee. Known alias : solo. from IN last seen in San Diego. he used me for my ammenities in my apt to do his law school work. then he stole my sleeping pills and on top of it i woke up one morning to him having sex with me in an uncomfortable hole leaving me to bleed and cry and he didnt stop for 15 minutes! yet every night i would try to end it and find him on my porch smoking acting like nothing was wrong! he is bipolar and very confused! he treats women like sex objects and then physically and emotionally abuses them leaving them in tears. he also maimed my car when i asked him to leave me alone! hes insane!

  224. Ravynne

    Tim Fitch. Known alias : Tim The Toolman. from Toledo Ohio. Well in the first place he is bipolar and does not take anything. Everytime something gets to serious or deep he runs. He waited for weeks to tell me that he felt things were getting too deep for him. So in other words he led me on and he lied. I HATE LIARS.

  225. chigirl

    Steve. Known alias : Steve. from South WE. We both work a lot. We’re both busy. When I am busy I can somehow manage to think about him and even jot off a quick note letting him know he’s on my mind. But him? Nope. I guess it’s too difficult to think AND work at the same time. He sucks.

  226. aleasakura

    Patrick. Known alias : Crambert. from Sunnyvale CA. He is so insensitive and will start talking about other girls to you! He doesn’t care about anybody but himself and isn’t afraid to manipulate your feelings to get what he wants.

  227. jessigrl

    Mike Paahana. Known alias : mpaahana. from Waipahu HI. liar liar liar. He is a two timing liar that will cheat behind your back. Middle aged juvenile delinquent that only wants sex and will tell you anything until he gets caught. J & M watch out for this guy. He will take you for everthing you have.

  228. amberc

    Emilio Juarez. from Kansas City Mo. this guy is nothing but a liar and fails to tell women that he has an STD. and drinking Bud Light and smoking weed is more important. also talks down to women and mentally and verbal abuses.

  229. AngelSara

    Robert Scarff. Known alias : Robbie. . He is one of the sweetest guys until he doesnt get his way. Then he acts like a 2 year old and gets really mad and who knows what that guy will do when he is mad he is a completly different person. Also make sure you dont let him near your money because if there is one thing he is good at it is spending money.

  230. TheMink

    Michael Andrew V.. Known alias : Mike. from Franklin Square NY. He’s married and frequently cheats. He’s has a truely good heart underneath it all but he’s sneaky slick overly-charming and a con artist.
    Stay away from that mess…….

  231. myki

    Dustin Allen Whitesell. Known alias : Dusty. from Indiana. First of all yes this was a gay relationship… We were together three wonderful years (or so thats what I thought). In July of 2006 I had my whole life crash around me. I was driving around town with a friend waiting for Dustin to get off of work. We pulled into the mall parking lot and I asked her if she heard about Dustin and Jenny. She told me that Dustin was having an affair with Jenny… Jenny was and still is Dustin’s bestfriend… I was crushed I didn’t know what to say what to think how to feel anything. Well to make it worse all his family and our friends all knew about it… Everyone had kept it from me for over sixteen months… I told him I could handle it better if it had been with a man.. At least I would have known it was because of me.. I have never felt so inadaquiet in all my life… He and I tried to make it work but all we did was fight.. I couldn’t have sex with him or even sleep in the same bed as he… I cried myself to sleep every night for a month… August 27th 2006 He and I ended it… We were trying to work things out when he met his new current fling… Dustin would call me and tell me he loved me and that he missed me and the whole time he was out with Bj… To this day Dustin and Jenny still have a thing going… They are inseperable… They work together they do everything together… I just hope his new bj is ready to live the life I gave up… I will always love Dustin but I can’t be with a whore and someone I can not trust… He is a snake and he will never change…. Men and Women beware!!!!

  232. tizri

    Paul Campos. from Colorado. Goes on rages thinks everything should be about HIM takes control of your life then denies he ever did anything. A complete dick. Throws vases and oranges.

  233. lisamarieb

    james voitik. Known alias : JR. from louisiana/bowling green/st. charles/troy/winfield mo. my cousins husband. they are married but he cheats….he is extreamly violent!!! deadbeat dad has no respect for anyone!!! he is a liar thief and user! he can make anyone believe he is a saint….even after knowing all the stuff he has done he can get you to a point where you second guess the reasons you hate him! he is EVIL!!!

  234. lisamarieb

    adam lovelace. from st. charles/wentzville/winfield mo. he is my sisters ex. he beat her physically and emotionally for 7 years. she has 3 girls by him her last one was concieved when he rapped her! she had finally tried getting away and he broke in her place and rapped her! she has been away from him for 3 years and still lives in fear! he is a deadbeat dad has never attempted to pay in any way to care for the kids. he is a heroin addict. he is extreamly violent and has no respect for women!!!!

  235. justagirl

    Adam Fiscus. from Burleson TX. This man is seriously mentally deranged. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS! He is a manipulator and can make you believe he’s a normal sweet guy BUT DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!

  236. kristenwells

    Andre Brown jr.. Known alias : Dre. from New York New York. This is my ex boy friend. Well “friend with benefits”. He is so lame. When we would make put he would call me by the name of his real girlfriend! Can you belive that dick head?

  237. kobi

    David Alexander Thompson. Known alias : Dave. from he is English possibly in wisconsin. This is my ex He smells (never bathes) he is a paedophile he’s a deadbeat dad supercillious devious physically abusive and generally very crafty. he has no job and likes to live off woman he romances until he gets sick of them. he’s had syphillus. Don’t touch this prick with a sub space tractor beam. Im serious

  238. jenniangel

    Kendall Harris. from springdale Arkansas. Well in short he is not exactly my ex but he has brought so much grief to someone I love and some people I don’t but he belongs on this list because he hunts women (and girls) out on the internet or our local bars) and attacks!! He sinks his evil fangs in and before you know it………you’re hooked on his venom. Ladies..look before you leap..cause this leap is “relationship suicide.!!”

  239. stella

    Mark Shumaker. Known alias : MasterShu. from Mechanicsville Va. First of all I am almost 100% sure that he is into underage girls!!!! He cheats lies steels and lies some more. I didn’t figure any of this stuff out until it was over!

  240. juniper

    Juan (Eduardo) Balvantin-Rodriguez. Known alias : Eduardo. from Pito St.Louis. He is a deadbeat!!! I have his son who is now 6 years old he knows all about him and has even seen him a few times and now has nothing to do with him. He is a liar cheater and alcholic. He is definitely a sweet-talker he’ll tell you everything you long to hear. But DO NOT believe him he will HURT you!!!!!!!

  241. jelliebean

    Ryan Whittick. Known alias : Ryan. from Ry Oshawa. He was having an internet/phone relationship with his ex for our entire relationship. He got me pregnant and still continued his relationship with the ex. He was (is) a coke-head. He is a complete idiot. Stay away from this man.

  242. cowgurl

    Kelly Sexton. Known alias : Killer. from Oneida TN. He’s a lier.He likes porn girls on girls anything that is that nasty…So run if you come acrossed him he likes to play like you hurt him all the time when it’s really him!!!

  243. tlduke

    Henry Justice. Known alias : Justice. from Cleveland OH. Henry broke my heart. He not only cheated on me but I forgave him and we were trying to fix our relationship when he decided to up and move out. He played the chicken shit card and said it was only for a little while. It has been over a year. He leads me on saying that we will try to fix us but he is not doing anything but keeping me on his string like a puppet. If you ever meet him RUN he will hurt you.

  244. Ebisc

    David Whitaker. Known alias : Chem-D; Dave. from Columbia MD. Dave is a complete loser. He uses drugs uses women and uses his friends. He got back together with me borrowed money and stopped talking to me the next day. He’s a cheater and a liar. He owes countless people money and favors. I spent years with this jerk and I have nothing but a $300 debt to show for it. And he also doesn’t eat it if you know what I mean!!!!!!

  245. smartaussie

    RICK MOREY. Known alias : AussieRick. from ATLANTA. An Australian who is in the US illegally. He has no job; no career; no real friends; no family. Rick Morey hooks up with women on the Internet befriends them makes them emotionally attached to him travels to their city moves in with them and then relies on them financially. He told me a string of lies and sob stories; I was dumb enough to support this idiot. I guarantee that the woman who takes up with Rick will end up paying his rent and buying his food. He does absolutely nothing except sleeps all day and sponges off of people. Unless you want to spend your days being his bank please steer clear of him. He is bad news. He is currently living in midtown Atlanta Georgia with his latest Sugar Mama.

  246. buckytat

    Andrew Reichel. Known alias : estevus. . He claims to be a good Christian boy who doesn’t believe in sex until after marriage and respects women. NOT! He screwed the hell out of me many times and when he wasn’t getting it he was online jerking off to pornography I found his login and password to several porn sights. And he had the nerve to tell me to stop smoking and what to wear. Oh and he is quite the alcoholic he is a smooth liar and hides things well. Lookout girls if you are talking to him and he tells you the “other girls” are just “friends”.

  247. sarah

    Derek Caputi. from Elicotville NY. He told his wife that after work that Friday in November 2000 they would go out for dinner. He never arrived home. He left a message on her cell phone telling her that he was gone. He went to meet his pregnant mistress in GA. I hope he is misserable the rest of his life.

  248. AshleyM

    Travis Lemon. Known alias : Stupid. from Maineville. He was still married while we were dating. he became an abusive alcoholic to me. Then cheated on me. His wife was pregnant with another man’s baby and she cheated on him while they were together.

  249. glitterqueen

    SID CARSON. Known alias : Sidvicious. from Bridgeville PA. He was married and he said he was divorced. He lied and then he was with me for 5 years while being married and cheated on me with an old bitch. I was 38 and he was 49 and the lady he cheated on me with was older. To this day he is still married and seeing this old bitch too and who knows who else. Be ware

  250. sexybitch

    Sean. from oneida ny. he told me he divorced his wife because she is a drunk slept around and was abusive that he was fighting to get custody so that he knew his ids would be safe. That the court battle was for custody and as soon as it was over we would be together. I thought id surprise him and im the one surprised i went over there to find him with another woman and then found out he is not divorced yet his wife isnt what he claimed. and I wasnt the only girl. hes a smooth talker ladies but he is a cheat and a liar please be ware

  251. barbarany

    Jeff Dunetz. Known alias : gridney. . MARRIED supposedly RELIGIOUS cheater. Has attempted to legally hassle his victims. He even got a friend from their local police force to hassle any WOMEN WHO TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM. Big into internet porn Viocodin and Viagra. He likes to send pictures of his penis to women. He is obsessed with sex & masturbation.

  252. jadedchaos

    James Michael West. Known alias : Mike. from Pittsburgh PA. Huge stoner has no respect for women. Physically/sexually/emotionally abusive. Cheats constantly. Loves to make the woman he’s with feel like crap and laughs at her pain.

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