Men Suck Live

We will be doing a live broadcast every week and we invite you to join us and listen in.

How do you listen to Men Suck Live?

Just go to, when it is time for our show and click the LISTEN button. We’ll also broadcast on twitter @MenSuckLive prior to a show as a reminder.

When is the show?

We will do 1 show a week, probably every Saturday afternoon for 1 to 2 hours. You can get specific dates and times at But not to worry, if you miss one of our live broadcasts you can also download it and listen in later.

Can you call in and ask questions?

Yep. You sure can. We plan on taking callers to answer questions about love, live, dating and of course why men suck. The number to call in will be on your screen when you are listening to the live show. To each us all you do is pick up your phone, dial the number on your screen (during the live show), just like you would call in for any radio station.

How much does it cost to be a part of Men Suck Live?

Nothing. Anyone can call in and listen for free. Just keep in mind though that while we don’t charge anything, long distance rates may apply from your phone carrier.

Can you call in via Skype?

Yes you can call in using Skype, just like you can call anyone on Skype but keep in mind that Men Suck Live is a radio broadcast so there will be no video. It’s all audio only.

What is Men Suck Live going to be about?

We will have different show themes each week. Maybe one week we’ll talk about how to get over a breakup while another week we’ll cover tips for online dating.  We’ll always post the theme of a show a few weeks in advance and you can get those at

Will you be having any special guests or anything like for future shows?

Absolutely. I don’t see why we wouldn’t. While I don’t have any specific plans right now, I do have some ideas of special guests I would like to include on future broadcasts.



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