What are eyebrows for anyway? And what would we look like without them?

When someone says eyebrows I think of model Cara Delevingne or Kylie Jenner … both of them have an amazing brow game.

What are eyebrows really for though other than to make us look fabulous? Surely there has to be some sort of medical reason we have them, right?

Well it turns out eyebrows are rather important. Beauty issues aside, eyebrows are a great way to express yourself. Think about what you can say (without saying a word) by just arching a single brow?

But even more importantly eyebrows keep moisture out of your eyes. When we sweat or even when it rains, our eyebrows help keep your eyes relatively dry and that helps you see better but also it helps because the salt in your sweat would irritate your eyes, making them sting.

But what if we didn’t have eyebrows? What would we look like? Not to worry, I have two horrifyingly scary examples for you. Here is Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie.


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