Once a cheater, always a cheater!

For years and years and years and years people have said “once a cheater, always a cheater”, and yet it’s a lesson women still haven’t seemed to learn.

Once a cheater, always a cheater!

I have a male friend who is the perfect example. He’s a great friend but a horrible boyfriend and it’s the very reason why I would never in a million years date him.

Just after I first met him, he started dating a beautiful blonde. She looked like a real life barbie doll. She was sweet as could be. Within the first month or their relationship he had cheated on her with a stripper. Why? Did she do something wrong? No, of course not. He cheated on her because he could and that just who he was.

A year into their relationship he meets a girl at work, leaves the pretty blonde for the new girl. They get serious, or so she thought. A year later, he meets someone new – again while he’s still with the previous girlfriend.

So he leaves the girl he met at work for this new girl.

This new girl is a few years older than him, but as he put it, she’s so mature. She was a waitress at a strip club. That relationship didn’t work out because one night, while at a sports bar, he met a bartender who was half his age.

Guess what happened? He cheated on her too. In fact, he cheated on her just a week into their relationship.

This story isn’t unusual. That’s the thing about guys who are cheaters. Cheaters always cheat. That’s a part of who they are.

It’s not about you or even your relationship – it’s just who they are.

So before you get to caught up in dating a guy, ask yourself this … are you dating a cheater?

If a guy has cheated before he met you, he’s going to cheat after you.

Once a cheater, always a cheater!

So do yourself a favor – don’t get serious about a guy that is only going to break your heart.  They aren’t easy to find but there are guys out there, who don’t have this personality flaw. Hold out until you find him. He’s out there … waiting for you. Don’t give up until you find him.





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