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MEN-opause MEN-strual pain MEN-tal illness GUY-necologist HIS-terectomy.   Ever notice how all of our problems start with MEN?            

Men are like Bluetooth …

Men are like Bluetooth – They are connected to you when you are nearby, but search for other devices when you are away! Women on the other hand are like Wi-Fi.  They see all available…

God spoke to Adam

God spoke to Adam: GOD: Adam – first, the good news! I have given you a brain & a penis. ADAM: Wow, thanks God!! Now… what’s the bad news? GOD: You have only enough blood…

Men And playing Cards.

Some say men are like playing cards.  All it takes is the ladies….  you need a ……………..    a HEART to love Them. a DIAMOND to marry them a CLUB to beat them and …….

Men are like grapes

Men are like grapes. You have to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you’d like to have dinner with.