15 Rules on How to Keep Your Man

  1. Don’t listen to your single girlfriends
  2. Compliment your man
  3. Don’t try to change your man
  4. Know what your man likes
  5. Curb your jealousy
  6. Keep your body right and looking good (this goes for the men too)
  7. Stay fresh (hygiene, get your eyebrows done, no do-rags etc.)
  8. Be spontaneous
  9. Don’t talk him to death
  10. Be sexually open
  11. Don’t give him a hard time, be supportive
  12. Don’t force him to do something he doesn’t want to do
  13. Don’t listen to rumors
  14. Appreciate what he has done/given to u no matter how little it is… Always say “THANK YOU”.. even if you don’t mean it
  15. Never let him leave the house or go to sleep hungry or horny


Remember ladies, this was submitted as a joke.


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