14 horrible ways people have been rejected by someone they liked

Being rejected is never either for men or women. But sometimes it’s just flat out brutal how people can reject someone. Here are some of the more harsh ways people have been rejected, which we got from Whisper.

Dating Rejection

  1. Got rejected once cause I didn’t have A cup boobs.
  2. This guy just said he wouldn’t date me because I run too much for ‘his style’. What??
  3. This girl said she couldn’t date me because I’m too boring.
  4. A girl at school rejected me because she said I looked like her sister. I’m a guy ….
  5. One time a guy said he wouldn’t date me because I play Xbox and not PlayStation.
  6. I got rejected by a guy because I was “too nice.” Bitch, if you wanted me to be mean you should have said so!
  7. I was rejected because I have a good job and a good education.
  8. Girl rejected me because I’m not an asshole to her. #FML
  9. My crush just told me he couldn’t date me because he doesn’t like girls he can’t control and who are smarter than him.
  10. She refused to date me cause mys ex drive is too high!!
  11. I was rejected by a guy for looking “too wholesome”. What most people don’t know is I read erotica in my spare time.
  12. I got rejected by a girl and her reason was “you’re too good for a guy”.
  13. A girl rejected me once because I have large hands.
  14. This guy said he couldn’t date me because I don’t watch ‘The Walking Dead’. Well, okay then.

Have you been rejected before in a harsh way? Let us know in the comments!


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